There is a poem by the legendary poet Langston Hughes, called Dreams.

“Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.”

As you read that, did any of your own dreams come to mind?

I hope so. Because personally, I believe wholehardenly in Dreams. I think that everyone has the ability to make their dreams come true in life. No matter how long it takes. And no matter what anyone says.

If you want something, but most importantly, if you subconsciously feel like whatever your chasing will fulfill your life’s mission.. than how can you let it go?

In reality, life is nothing but a dream.

Which is why you can either create your own dream, or work for someone else’s.

And listen, I’m only being frank with you, because I want you to chase your dreams. Just as much as I want to chase my own dreams.

I believe that everyone should strive to live a fulfilling life. And I want you to reach your highest potential. Because I think that’s what most humans want in life,

To simply be the best, that they can be.

Growing up in a Caribbean Family, the concept of dreams, was something that was never really spoken amoungst my family. I remember being convinced to become a Nurse, an Engineer, anything that represented the “American Dream.” But I can’t recall being asked about my own Dreams. And I can’t remember hearing about anyone else’s.

It wasn’t until my mid 20’s where I started to learn more about the Dreams that some of my closest family members had.

One of my favorite Aunts, had always aspired to be a interior designer. It was not only a dream, but it was a creative outlet, that she just couldn’t seem to shake off.

But she was discouraged by others when she announced her Dreams. And was told to pursue something more stable. And that would grant her security.

She also thought that since she was a Black Woman trying to enter this field. That it be way harder for her to ever become successful.

So she followed that path of security. Working at Mass General Hospital, and built a name for herself. But the Dream never left her spirit.

My Aunts house is a visual representation of her Dream.

The unique decor and eccentric set-up, convey her creative passion on the highest level. At my Aunts house you are literally seeing home decor that you have never seen before. Because when it’s your purpose, it never really leaves you.

“I regret not listening to my own voice, and chasing my own Dreams”

“If only I was more brave, and if only I believed in myself more”-stated my aunt.

Honestly, my aunt not chasing her dreams hurts my soul. Because I know if she had turned her back on fear. She would have successfully pursued her dreams. And would have become one of the top interior designers in Massachusetts. And honestly even in the United States.

My father on the other hand, is living the American Dream.

For 25 years he has made a prominent name for himself, in the Car Business Industry. As being one of the top car salesman in all of New England. He has frequently sold cars to several New England socialities, celebrities, and athletes, including Big Papi.

He has continuously worked his way up in the field, and has successfully gained the reputation, of improving any business that he is apart of.

His connections in the industry run deep. And his knack for the field of business as a whole, has grown tremendously.

But despite all those amazing accolades, and accomplishments. Last year, my Dad revealed to me his lifelong passion ..for Cooking.

“I love to Cook. And I have always dreamed of opening up my own restaurant”stated my Dad.

When my Dad first came here from Haiti, he was working as a Chef at Legal Seafood. And he loved it. But it wasn’t making enough money.

He was constantly told that he had, “ too much talent” to just be working at legal Seafood, and that he should get into Business. Although I agree with them. I personally think he has too much creative talent to be in the Car Business Industry.

My Dad is an amazing cook. So good that my sisters and I literally get escalatic when he states our favorite lines,

“I’m going to cook today”

We love it man. Sometimes we will wait, and we won’t eat anything at all. Just so we can prepare our stomachs for his delicious meal.

But what I always notice is how much he loves it.

The happiness and the intense focus, that comes on his face while he’s cooking. And the smile that comes on his face when he is serving the food.

It can’t be replaced, because it’s his passion.

And it also was his dream.

I have no doubt in my mind, if he was to open a restaurant that it would be successful. No doubt.

So I write this, to share with you,

The importance of Dreams, and why it’s important to hold onto them.

I know sometimes society may tell people to not chase their dreams or their passions, because “society says” that sometimes you can’t make money from the things you love.

But my rebuttal to that is, says who? And also who is society? A group of people/the majority? So we must base our lives on what the majority thinks?

If Steve Jobs can think of the IPhone, you can think of a way to make money off of your passions. All it takes is vision, purpose, drive and the strong belief in your crazy ass ideas.”

If you are someone that is still confused as to what your dreams are, or what your life purpose is..

That’s okay.

I think being open to your dreams and purpose coming to you. And granting yourself with new and refreshing life-experiences will help you figure it out.

Think about the things you like to do when you were a kid?

Think about the things that make you happy?

Be realistic and honest with yourself.

Always remember that this is your life. Only you have the power to create the dream, that you wish to see. And if you get discouraged, it’s all apart of the process.

But never stop being a Dreamer.

Because even if one Dream doesn’t work out the way you envisioned it. I guarantee, that it will lead you to the right path. And to the Dreams that we’re made just for you✨.

I appreciate you taking the time to stop by! And I hope I succeeded in adding some value into your day today.

What dream/s are you currently working on in 2019?

Whatever they are, I’m wishing you intention, consistency and motivation with chasing each and every one of them this year.

Because if not now…

Than when?


Key Michel✨


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