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The Rise Of Fast Fashion At Thrift Stores

By: Key Michel It’s quite common to casually scroll on your social media feed; and stumble upon fast fashion hauls filled with all the latest seasonal trends and styles. Fashion hauls allow creators to showcase their recent purchases; while simultaneously influencing the buying behavior of their viewers. In today’s generation, social media has a powerful … Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Vintage Handbags Should Be Your New Staple Accessory 

By: Key Michel Vintage Handbags are a timeless and signature style staple; and the essential hidden touch to any outfit. These handbags add character to your outfit; while complementing anyone’s personal style. They bring out the best of your outfit choices; without overpowering it. They are an investment that is made to last; while supporting … Continue Reading

New Vintage Handbags

Stylish vintage handbags are the best way to make a fashion statement everywhere you go!

3 Fun Thrift Challenges To Do On Your Next Thrift Trip

By: Key Michel The thrift store is a shopping experience that is filled with pure bliss and excitement. You can always count on thrift challenges to take your thrilling thrift trip to a new creative level. Thrift challenges are so fun; and they always provide you with beneficial skill sets, along with a very intentional … Continue Reading

Thrifted Summer Style Inspo You’ll Love

By: Key Michel Them: Where did you get your outfit? It’s so cute! You: It’s thrifted! This is the common conversation you will hear as an active thrifter. This is certainly your sign to check out the Key To Fashion Vintage Store; for cute, stylish, unique; and daring summer styles. Experiment with your style this … Continue Reading

Tribal Glam Collection

It’s all about Tribal Glam this season! Check out the latest new collection on the Key To Fashion Vintage Store!

The Real Reason Thrift Store Prices Are Increasing

By: Key Michel It was a beautiful and sunny day in the city of Boston; and my Mother and I decided to check out our local Savers. My mother isn’t a avid thrift like myself; but she loves to shop and enjoys a great ole’ bargain. As we were in Savers, I couldn’t help but … Continue Reading

Thrifting On Saturday Isn’t For The Weak!

By: Key Michel Long lines, packed aisles, overcrowded and congested energy, annoyed or snappy people? This is thrifting on a Saturday. Thrifting on a Saturday is not for the weak. It’s an experience that you have to mentally prepare yourself for; especially if you reside in a very populated city or town. A lot of … Continue Reading