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The weather is changing, the sun is coming out, and it’s time for you to pull those shorts out!

This spring and summer, there are a few shorts that Key To Fashion highly recommends; you incorporate into your style.

Each of these styles will allow you to experiment, be daring and really switch thangs up!

Here is the list of 7 rockin’ shorts, to wear this Spring and Summer:

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1) Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are the perfect shorts to dress up, or dress down this summer!

Wear these stylish shorts when you run your errands, or to a nice summer outing.

These shorts are also perfect to wear during summer nights, in areas where the weather may get cooler.

2) Leather Shorts

Sexy and sultry, leather shorts are the perfect going out shorts!

These shorts would look really cute at a Sunday brunch event, or for a night out.

Style these shorts with a bodysuit, bralette and a crop-top. And for shoes, either with heels or sandals.

3) Paper Bag Waist Shorts

These shorts accentuate the waistline, giving your body the ultimate curves!

Style these shorts with a super cute and feminine crop top. A classy bodysuit, or a sexy bralette or halter top.

These shorts can also be dressed up, or down!

4) Sexy Short Shorts

If you have been working hard on your summer body, and you want to show off your legs. Well these shorts are the perfect option!

These shorts are super cute to wear to the beach, or a night out.

You can wear unique tights underneath these shorts, or a long see-thru shall top; if you feel like your backside will show through your shorts, and you want to be comfortable.

5) Biker Shorts

These shorts give your look the sporty spice touch!

Hugging your curves, and providing you with comfort; the biker shorts are the perfect summer shorts, for the ladies that are looking to slay but be super cozy.

You can wear a fly graffic tee with your biker shorts, an over-sized crop top, or a bralette.

6) Vintage High-Waisted 90’s Shorts

Give your summer style an expressive aesthetic, with vintage high-waisted 90’s shorts!

These shorts can either be short and form-fitting, or long and loose fitting; depending on your style preference.

90’s vintage shorts can be worn with halter tops, bralette’s, crop-tops, short sleeve blouses (tied-up), or bandeau’s.

These shorts are typically casually worn, but you can style these shorts if you want for a fun night out!

7) Distressed Shorts

Distressed shorts are very common for the spring and summer seasons.

The distressed design can vary, and can range from being very subtle to being more dramatic.

This type of shorts, gives any look an edge!

Style distressed shorts up or down, depending on your vibe or mood!


What shorts will you be rockin this Summer season?

What looks will you be incorporating into your style?

As always, don’t forget to share your thoughts before in the comments!

Thanks for reading Fashion Icon, and we hope you found this post helpful.


Key To Fashion 💜✨

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