By: Key Michel

Where feeling hot hot hot in the glistening sun; because summer is surely upon us! We are ready for the fun social outings; and of course the stylish looks. This season can be a challenge for many people to continue to look good; while also being comfortable in the heat. With these simple and easy style hacks; you will be stepping out everyday this summer exuding massive style confidence. 

Colors Are Your Best-friend: Invest In Colors That Compliment Your Complexion; Or Make It Pop 

In the summer season; when colors radiate against the sun; it creates this captivating glow in an outfit. Styling outfits with colors that compliment your complexion, or make it stand-out; will have you feeling vibrate. If you aren’t into bright colors; no need to worry, pastels, or lighter colors can do the trick. It’s all about finding the right colors that compliment you; and make you outfits appear like standout works of art in the summer. 

Invest In Out Of The Box Sunglasses

Sunglasses that are conversation starters; and unique to the eye; are the perfect summer essential. These sunglasses are out of the box due to their frame shape, their lens color, or their overall design. 

Play With Silk Scarves 

Silk scarves are a classy accessory to add to your summer style. Get creative by imagining alternative ways to wear the silk scarves; such as tops, head wraps, or attached to purses. This accessory can make an outfit look out together; and also allows you to add your own personal twist to your look. 

Create A Contrast In Your Outfit With Your Accessories 

Whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist; or a beautiful mix in between; a contrasting aesthetic in your outfit with your accessories; creates outfits that are personal and stylish. 

For example, let’s say you are going out shopping with a good friend; and you want to wear a casual but cute look. You pull out a babydoll white dress out of your closet that has balloon sleeves; and you decide that you will wear sneakers to pay with the look to compliment the casual vibe that you are going for. As it’s time to accessorize, you begin to pull out these elegant silver studs and a chunky necklace. The elegance of the accessories would be perfect for a date night; but here you are creating a cool contrast by pairing them with your causal look. 

Always Smell Fantastic

The mission isn’t only to look good in the summer; but to smell good as well. Invest in the best soaps, body washes, deodorants, perfumes, or oils that will keep you fresh and clean throughout the entire day.

Bonus Tip: Keep a travel size scented lotion, perfume or oil in your purse (whichever you prefer)

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