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Statement Pieces are the attention-grabbers that your style needs! They empower you to be bold, be captivating and to step outside of the box. Makes getting dressed a joy

The cool thing about statement pieces is that they don’t have to be within the same color palette as the entire outfit; they often times serve as the contrasting element in color, texture, style or shape.

Similar to any style hack; styling statement pieces takes consistency and confidence. Since they are easy to style, and have a effortless way of enchanting any outfit; they make getting dressed a simplistic experience. When getting dressed you can decide if you want to start with the statement piece; and style your outfit around it; or start with the outfit and implement the statement along the way. After getting dressed, you are sure to be left with a look that you love; and an outfit that screams, “I’m the moment”

Here are tips to style statements pieces

Don’t Overpower Your Outfit. Pick one or two statement pieces to wear

when styling statement pieces it’s important to decide what part of your outfit will be the statement piece.

For example, your top, your dress, your shoes, or your purse; and decide on one or two to wear. The objective of wearing statement pieces is to draw attention to a particular section of the outfit; while simultaneously making the entire ensemble pop. If you style an overload of statement pieces the look will exude an over empowered appearance.

An example of one statement piece in an outfit; is wearing a statement blouse, with stylish jeans and booties. While the booties and the jeans are certainly still a moment; the statement top is the attention-grabber.

Examples of statement style combinations:

  • Statement dress + statement earrings
  • Statement coat + statement shoes
  • Statement blouse + statement hairstyle
  • Statement Bottoms + Statement Purse

Get Inspired By The Season

Now of course you can wear statement pieces any year around; but styling specific styles for a given season can make getting dress an easy and blissful process.

For example, some people have a hard time staying true to their personal style in the winter due to the cold weather; but incorporating a statement coat to your winter wardrobe would combine all your hearts desire together: to look stylish; and keep warm.

Challenge yourself to experiment with statement styles for every season.

Find The Right Statement Pieces That Work For You

Stay true to yourself by wearing the statement pieces that are in alignment with your personal style. If you know you aren’t into wearing bright colors; swap them out for a statement piece in a darker shade or tone. If you don’t prefer wearing prints; style statement pieces that are one color.

Don’t feel pressured to wear statement styles that you know aren’t for you. Remember that the purpose is to make YOUR outfits pop; and to create a conversation starter; so always make sure the statement pieces are speaking the language of your personal style.

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