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Our habits in life have a direct impact on the course and quality of our lives. When making positive choices in your life; it’s important to form positive habits that will align you the accomplishment of those goals. While style is a form of art that is more expressive and fluid; one’s style habits do in fact matter.

What are style habits precisely?

Style habits can be defined as the actions, behaviors and the mindset that will improve, advance or greatly support your personal style.

For example, let’s say you have a hard time putting together an outfit on the fly; and you know subconsciously that planning out your outfits in advance work better for you; but you keep waiting until the last minute to put together your outfit. The beneficial habit in this situation would be to make a habit of planning out your outfits ahead of time. That way you aren’t rushing, you don’t feel anxious about what to wear; and you are giving yourself an ample amount of time to allow your creative juices to flow.

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Access Where You Need To Improve

Take an honest analysis at your personal style; and the area’s that you need to grow in. Think about the area’s that you have been struggling with; and you can even write them down to process them. An example of a weakness, can be thinking negative thoughts about your style; anytime you get dressed, you never think you look good enough. Those thoughts are indeed habits; and that bad habit is inhibiting you from thriving on your style journey.

Some examples of common area’s of improvement

  • Staying in your style comfort zone
  • Not experimenting with your personal style
  • Not buying more of what you need versus what you want
  • Comparing your style to others
  • Talking bad about your style
  • Always second-guessing everything that you wear
  • Not experimenting with the clothes you already own
  • Waiting for the “right time” to wear what you want
  • Continuously buying clothes that you never wear

Shift Your Mindset To Match Your New Habits

What are you telling yourself as you get dressed; or as your shopping? Are you building yourself up; or tearing yourself down? It’s the words you tell yourself about your personal style journey that will guide your journey. Speak positive words that will inspire you to build on your style confidence; and your positive view of yourself. Tell yourself how good you look, how you love what your wearing, smile in the mirror and immerse yourself in the experience of feeling good about your style. Even if you don’t have your own personal style yet; and you are in a season of your life where you dislike what you wear; build yourself up, and shift your mindset by telling yourself, “I deserve to have the style of my dreams; and it will easily and naturally come to me”

Acquire Knowledge

Obtaining fashion insight will make you feel tremendously supported as you change your style habits. All of the valuable style tips, fashion articles, fashion videos that you seek; are all providing you with valuable information to build effective style habits. For example, right now you are acquiring knowledge by reading this article.

Celebrate Your Small Wins

A win is indeed a win whether big or small. It’s easy to neglect those small wins because of their size; but every small win adds up to that big win that you have been waiting for. The small wins are evidence that you are developing style habits; and that are producing progressive results.

Be Extremely Consistent

Your new style habits need a consistent atmosphere to thrive in. Keep going; until they become apart of your lifestyle. Keep going; even when you don’t see instant results. Keep going. Know that you will build the best style habits; and that it’s only a matter of time.

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