By: Key Michel

Style acquisition is a skill that can be both innate and taught. For some people it takes practice, consistent knowledge; and guidance; while others rely on their style intuition and inner judgement to lead the way. No matter where a person lie’s on the spectrum; no one is better than the other.

Fashion is a creative field that some people are put on this earth to pursue. They are here to be the role models, the teachers, the creatives, the trendsetters, the innovators, and the entrepreneurs. Expressing themselves with what they wear can come innately for these people because of this purpose in fashion.

A person that has an innate sense of style can serve as the teacher, the role models, the creatives, the trendsetters, the influencers, the innovators; and the entrepreneurs inspiring those who are seeking insightful education; and eager to learn how to find their style.

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