By: Key Michel

Question for you.

If you have the choice, would you rather thrift in person, or thrift online?

Thrifting Online is still a relativity new phenomenon.

Although there are certainly many of online thrift stores, that have been causing disruption in the fashion industry, and even in the thrift industry.

The disruption will never take a way from the treasure hunt feeling, that a thrifter gets when they go into a store.

The first thing to shift when you thrift online, is your mindset.

Remember that when you thrift in person you are thrifting for the hunt, and when you thrift online, you are thrifting for the chase.

What they both have in common is once the gem is gone, the gem is gone!

And if you don’t buy it when you see it, you will be left with the burning feeling of wishing you had gotten it, when you still had the chance.

That feeling is one of the worst feelings ANY thrifter can feel!

To prevent this from happening to you in the future, Key To Fashion, is sharing 5 major tips for thrifting online!

1) Use Your Imagination

Unlike thrifting in person; you are not able to try on, or feel the gems.

Some online platforms style the clothing, while others showcase the clothing, behind a clear background, and with a detailed description.

There are also some online platforms that provide a mixture of both product displays

Despite how the gems are displayed, you still have to use your own imagination to get an idea of how the gem will look on your body.

How the gem will make you feel?

2) Go In With An Open-Mind

Thrifting online is extremely new to a lot of people, so it’s okay if you still have some mixed feelings about it.

The reality is, we are living in an e-commerce world,  and thrifting online is here to stay!

Similar to a brick and mortar experience, go into an online thrift store not knowing what to expect, or see.

Go in with an open mind!

Get daring with your look, and try out styles that really speak to you, even if you may be unsure about it.

Remember that there are other people looking at the same gem that you are!

Even if it’s still up on the site after a few weeks, there are other people waiting for it to go on sale, just like you!

When it comes to thrifting online, always keep in mind that there is always someone eyeing the same gem as you!

3) Ignore Your Size, Focus On The Aesthetic

This is very important notion, to keep in mind.

Similar to thrifting in person; you aren’t always going to find the gem you want, in your exact size.

At times it the gem may be a little bigger, than you would have wanted it to be.

If you like it, get it!

A lot of thrifters, get gems that are outside of their own size, because they absolutely love the aesthetic!

Inclusivity in sizes is something many online thrift stores are working on. Smaller sizes such as size 2, and larger sizes such as 16/18, can be hard for some thrifters to find, in both online and brick and mortar locations.

4) If You See It, Like It, and You Want It: Get It!

Thrifting online is all about the chase. If you see something you like, you can see yourself wearing it, you like the price, but most importantly you like the style?

Get it!

Most online thrift stores, only have one gem of its kind listed.

So once that gem is gone, it’s gone!

5) Follow The Company’s Social Media Platforms and Email-List

Social media platforms and the email list, bring the brand alive, while cultivating a strong community.

Social media platforms for resale brands, are a great way for the company to market the brand, and to engage with their resale community

Email- list are a great way to stay tuned with the companies upcoming events, deals, giveaways, or news.

The email-list members are often times the first people to know, what new attractions are coming to the brand!

It takes 2 seconds to sign up to join an email list; so do yourself a favor and sign up for Key To Fashion’s email list today!


Thrifting online is here to stay; but it’s so important for you to shift your mindset, so that you can shift your approach.

You’re hunting for gems, while looking through racks in a brick and mortar thrift store. And online your scrolling through the site, chasing to be the first to see a gem, and chasing to be the first to buy it!

Thrifting online, still provides thrifters with that satisfying feeling, of finding a gem, that speaks to their individuality, and allows them to express themselves.

Thanks for reading Fashion Icon, and hopefully you learned something valuable and new today!

Until Next Time.


Key To Fashion 💜✨

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