Hey Fashion Icon,

Looking through the shop for gems that you love, can be overwhelming for some, so we made it easier for you! Here are some of our favorite summer gems, that are listed on the site!

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1) The Seduction Blouse

2) The Aztec Retro Blouse

3) The Retro Fly Blouse

4) The Fly Gyal Blouse

5) The Vintage Paisley Crop Top

6) The For The Culture Top

7) The Lola High-Waisted Skirt

8) The Retro Flower Power Blouse

9) Oreo Crop Top

10) The Retro Jogger Capri Shorts

11) The Rustic Brown Vintage Purse

12) Gimme More See-Thru Blouse

13) The Retro Color-block Top

14) The Retro Way Blouse

15) The Vibrant Feels Blouse

16) Red Wine Dress

17) The Dapper Gyal Blouse

18) Low Rose BDG shorts

19) High/Low Distressed Jean Skirts


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