Hello Everyone, and welcome back! I appreciate you all tuning in with me, these past few starting weeks. The support means a lot, and it does not go unnoticed!

I hope everyone had a chill, relaxing or a productive weekend. In a blink of an eye, we are right back to Monday, and right back to weekly schedules, but also right back to the blog postings!

Today, I wanted to highlight a look, that combined the total was under 50 dollars! I thought it would be important to showcase this look, because although the outfit is for a frugal price, aesthetically, it does not look frugal. Don’t you love when you can get a dope look, while preserving your pockets? Now, I love that shit, I love saving money.

Speaking of all the things I love lol, I also really loved this look! I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits, although they can be a pain when you have to go to the bathroom, they are easy to put on, and they fit my body just right. Junpsuits are very versatile in styles, allowing you tailor them to fit your vibe, dressing them up, or dressing them down.

Total Price of this Look?

              42 dollars!

Cheap af right! That’s what it’s about though. I didn’t grow up rich, so I wasn’t taught to spend a lot of money on materialistic things. I was taught to save my money, and I believe that mindset has spilled in different facets of my life, and fashion is one of them. I have a shit ton of clothes at my house, but a lot of the clothes I have I didn’t spend my life on. The saying getting more for less, completely describes my wardrobe situation, and I can definitely thank thrifting for its contributions.

Floral Jumpsuit :($14.00) Brand: Zara, Store: Plato’s Closet.

White Heels :($12.50) Store: Charlotte Russe

Blue Clear Glasses:($10) Store: Viviant Vintage

Colorful St. Lucian Bangles: (6 US dollars)

Gold Vintage Earrings: From my aunt as a gift (Don’t be afraid to get some old styles from your older family members now. Remember, fashion repeats itself! You might just end up with some dope shit from your Mom, your Aunt, or your Grandma!

Total: 42.00

What do you all think of the look? Let’s talk below, what caught your attention the most from this post the look or the price? I’m curious to know, and it’s really helpful to hear everyone’s thoughts!

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