This is the month, that you power forward!

Whats going on Fashion Icon!

We are finally in the month of May, smack in the middle of Spring, and ready to get better with time!

Below there will be a list of goals, that you can work on. The challenge here is to pick one or two, that you will work on, every single day of this month.

Yes, we are 5 days into the month already, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish any goal.

You still have time!

All it takes is consistency, dedication and motivation!

So let’s get to these goal ideas:

1) Change Your Diet/Work-Out, everyday

2) Read 10 pages of a book, every single day

3) Learn something new, everyday

4) Work on your goals, everyday

5) Take necessary time for you and relax, everyday

6) Take a risk, everyday

7) Stay committed to changing a bad habit you possess, everyday

8) Work on your dreams, everyday. 

9) Reach out to someone that you love, everyday.

10) Forgive someone, or something, everyday

11) Increase your self-confidence, and write down 10 things that you love about yourself, everyday.

12) Create, everyday


The challenge here, is doing whatever task you decide to pick; doing that task everyday.

No breaks, no excuses, no, “I can do this tomorrow”

What will you do this month, to transform your life?

What will you do, to make sure that you crush the month of May?

You Got This!

Most importantly, take care of yourself!✨


Key To Fashion 💜✨

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