By: Key Michel

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Gratitude is a virtue that can have a very positive and profound impact on your life. In life, we all have feelings of wanting more, but when you rest in those feelings of being in complete bliss for what you already have; is when you truly feel content.

Happiness is a choice; but combine happiness with gratitude, then it starts to become a lifestyle.

In life, everyone will experience suffering. Everyone will experience their own bits of hardships. Simultaneously, everyone has something or someone to be grateful for. Taking little moments in your day to express your gratitude, or to reflect on everything that you already have; allows you to live in the present moment. Most importantly, it allows you to enjoy the present moment.

When we are grateful for what we already have, is when we are able to experience more of the hidden treasures that life has for us all.

Be grateful for everything in your life, whether big or small. Be grateful for your story. Be grateful for how far you have come. Be grateful for the genuine souls in your life. Be grateful that you can see and read this article.

Be grateful, for it all. 💜✨

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