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There are meme’s on social media that state, “If no one saw you in an outfit, you can rewear it again”

Well ask yourself this question, why do you need people to not see you in something, for you to be able to wear it again?

Does it make you feel embarrassed to be seen wearing the same outfit twice or three times?

Does it make you feel like you don’t have a lot of clothes, or that you appear like you don’t have a lot of clothes?

Does it make you seem cooler to always show up in a new outfit on social media?

Ask yourself why does this matter to you?

There are certainly times where it makes a lot of sense to get a new outfit; your birthday, an event; a wedding, traveling or vacations; it makes sense to shop for new outfits; but for social media? Why do so many people feel pressured to get a new outfit for social media?

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Rewearing your clothes, and finding 100 ways to rewear an outfit; is where true style confidence is birthed.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s important for you to rewear your clothes!

1) It Keeps Clothing Out Of Landfills

A lot of people rewear their clothes once or maybe twice; and end up throwing away their clothes, and those same clothes end up in landfills. That is extremely wasteful, and when it comes to fashion; it’s importantly to find more ways to be more intentional when you buy clothing.

It’s important to buy clothes that you truly love, and that you know you will wear for a long time!

2) It Helps You Build A Wardrobe That You Love

If you are being intentional about your shopping choices, you are buying items that will always speak to you. By building this habit, you will always have a wardrobe that you won’t be bored of.

Even if you want to revamp your wardrobe; you will always purchase gems that you know you will wear a lot, and that you truly love! You want to love your wardrobe, you want to feel excited every single time you get dressed!

3) It Forces You To Experiment

Experimenting with your wardrobe, and figuring out how to reinvent your gems; is when you truly start to feel unstoppable when it comes to fashion.

If you don’t feel confident with your style, sometimes it can be because your current style doesn’t speak to you; and other times it can be because you aren’t experimenting with your style.

Experiment! Let Your Creativity Shine!

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