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There are so many ways to find impeccable style inspiration online. Fashion media brand publications and social media platforms; are great places to find the best style inspo. Another amazing place online, is Pinterest.

Pinterest is filled with a massive variety of stylish outfit ideas. It’s also a great platform for discovering new styles, and recreating looks.

Here is how you can use Pinterest to expand, or upgrade your wardrobe.

1. Create Pinterest Boards That Speak To Your Personal Style

Your Pinterest boards should be a representation of your personal style; or how you want to upgrade your style.

For example, if you love stylish jackets. Make a pin titled Stylish Jackets, and pin all the jackets that speak to your style; or inspire you to step out of your comfort zone.

Have fun with this!

You can do this in your spare time. You can even listen to the vintage glamour show, while you relax and pin!

2. Pin Outfits That You Love, And Outfits That Will Force You To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Pinterest is a great visual platform that will provide you with a lot of outfits ideas, that you will enjoy pinning to your boards. The platform will also provide you with outfits and styles that are new to you.

Have fun pinning the styles you like; but also step out of your comfort zone and pin styles that are new to you; but you can see yourself wearing.

3. Visualize

As you are pinning, take sometime to visualize yourself in these outfits, and see yourself in these styles.
Imagine how you will put outfits together. Imagine how you will accessorize. Get really creative here, and visualize yourself in all these amazing styles.

4. Take Action

After all that pinning, it’s time to take action; and look for all your style inspiration via online or offline shopping.

When shopping in person, you can screenshot images, or write down a list of outfit ideas, from your style boards. You can use them as a reference, for your next shopping trip.

You can also take them with you on your next thrift trip; both online and offline. It’s a very exciting feeling when you find items from your style board on a thrift trip!

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