This vintage shop is Based in Toronto, Canada.

Fun Fact: Toronto, Canada is one of the top, if not the TOP place for resale fashion in the world.

I learned this interesting fact, in London. After learning that a lot of the inventory that many of the vintage and resale shops get, came from Toronto, Canada.

I started doing my own research on Toronto, and Canada as a whole. And soon learned that not only are there an array of thrift stores in the country. But they are also several resale fashion markets that happen year around!

Better Stay Together: Has it’s own unique twist. Combining a modern touch, with vintage & retro aesthetics.

These tops in this section differently give off statement vibes. They grab enough attention, that you can still wear plain bottoms, and still obtain a really stylish look.✨

Cropped Tops for the win! But crop tops that have a certain twist to them. Will always give your outfit a different feel.

Check out the Shop: Better Stay Together

In advance: some of the items are a little over the budget-friendly pipeline. This is due to the fact that many of these items are vintage, and one of it’s kind.

You will notice that a lot of online vintage shops, are more expensive than brick and mortar resale fashion stores.

But the thing is, there is only one of it’s kind on this website. So you will not find anyone else with the item… but you. And that’s one of the best things about resale fashion: The Support For Individuality.✨

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