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Crop tops are one of those stylish clothing items; that have a lot of mixed reviews. They are either one of your style faves; or you find them quite sleazy. They can make you feel free and liberated; or you can feel this intense pressure to get your summer body in tact.

Two things can be true here.

You can wear crop tops without looking sleazy; and you can also wear crop tops without having the summer body that you pictured for yourself.

There are a plethora of crop top styles to choose from; but here at Key To Fashion, we wanted to highlight 9 of our faves!

Statement Sleeves Crop Top

Via _Badgyalstyle on IG

Tie In The Front

Via Pinterest

Bustier Crop Top

Via Pinterest

Collared Blouse Crop Top

Via Randomnchic on IG

Off The Shoulders Crop Top

Gi Gi Hadid Via Pinterest

One-Shoulder Crop Top

Via Pinterest

Crop Top With Ruffles

Via Pinterest

Cropped Blazer

Via Pinterest

Style Tip: You can style your crop tops with high-waisted pants, high-waisted jeans, high-waisted skirt, low-rise jeans, underneath a two-piece set, or layering in onto of another blouse.

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