Mixing more, and matching less; is one of the best ways to get more confident and daring with your style!

But it can be difficult for many people to achieve.

Questions that often arise are:

How do I mix, without overpowering the look?

How do I mix, without looking tacky?

One of the best ways to mix looks effectively; is to pick a more neutral print, color or fabric; with a more bold/loud print, color or fabric.

For example, in this image I’m wearing a very printed vintage blazer; and plaid black and white pants. The blazer is a more bold/loud print, while the pants are more neutral!

Both gems, are in the Key To Fashion Vintage Shop!

Here Are 4 Ways To Mix More, And Match Less!

1) Mix Two Completely Different Colors Together


2) Mix Two Completely Contrasting Prints Together


3) Mix Two Completely Different Fabrics Together


4) Mix Two Different Seasonal Clothing Items Together


You don’t have to choose all  to start with; you can pick one or two, and get better at them; then branch out!

Also remember, to put your own twist on your look when you mix!

Get inspired by others, but always remember, that  you are your own fashion icon! 💜💫


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