You are probably someone that knows how to dress very well. You step out, you serve lewks; and people compliment your outfits all of the time! But subconsciously you know the truth. You know this is not your personal style, that you’re showcasing.

Subconsciously you know the lewks that you are wearing, don’t really speak to who you truly are.

You may find that you feel completely lost with what you wear. Despite all of the compliments that you receive from others; you know that your outfits aren’t an authentic representation of your true individuality.

Well, you aren’t alone. Many people can relate to this; and I know for a fact the 15 year old Key Michel, can relate to this as well.

Here you will learn why it has been so difficult for you to find your own personal style:

1. A lack of self-awareness

Self-awareness and personal style go hand in hand. In order to know your personal style, you have to know who you are. Most importantly, you have to embrace who you are.

When you know who you are on the inside, you will know how to express it on the outside. Fashion is Art. Your body is the canvas, and your clothing is the paint!

2. You are scared to be different; you are scared to embrace what makes you unique

We live in a world where as much as people state that they “do their own thing”, or they “don’t want to be like anyone else”; a lot of people still follow what other people do.

A lot of people rather follow the beat of someone else’s drum; than create their own rhythm and their own tune.

Once you become self-aware, you will feel completely comfortable with showing who you are, to the world. You will feel free to experiment with different lewks, that truly express who you are.

If you struggle with embracing your uniqueness, ask yourself this question; with only one life to live, would you rather fit in, or would you rather stand out?

3. You constantly follow what’s in style, instead of what’s for you

Trends come and trends go; but your personal style will always remain.

You may find that you wear a lot of trends, and you still feel completely lost with what you are wearing.

Now, it isn’t a sin to wear trends; it isn’t a bad thing. But when wearing trends you always want to ask yourself; does this trend speak to my style?

Am I interested in wearing this trend because it’s in style; or am I interested in it because I want to experiment with my style?

Similar to many things in life, it’s all about your intentions; when it comes to wearing trends.

Wrap Up

Give yourself grace if you are struggling with finding your personal style. This is supposed to be a really fun and liberating experience, not a daunting one.

Now that you know why it’s been difficult for you to achieve your style; the only option you have now is to discover it!

Embrace this new style journey that you are about to embark on; and be proud of yourself for wanting to embark on it in the first place!

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