So you want to be a guest on Vintage Glamour? What a great decision to make!

Now before you can be selected as a guest; there are some important steps that you will need to take.

The first step is knowing if you are the right guest/candidate for the show.

Here is a list of 7 candidates that I currently want to interview for the show!

1) Resale Fashion Entrepreneurs | Sharing your extensive or valuable experience in the field. Sharing your story and your journey; that will inspire the audience. This can also be community organizers, consultants, coaches or other professionals in the field

2) Fashion Entrepreneurs | Sharing your story and experience as a fashion entrepreneur. You are someone who has an empowering or inspirational story; or knowledge or insight to share that you know you need to share

3) Thrift/Fashion Bloggers/Stylists/Influencers | Sharing your story and your experience as a thrift/fashion blogger. How to become one for people who are interested? Description of the journey and why you wanted to become one in the first place

4) Fashion Testimonials | How your style has transformed from shopping secondhand

5) Co-Host for the day | discussing important topics pertaining to resale fashion, fashion or personal growth; industry topics, real talk/hot topics

6) Authors & Gurus | focus on Lifestyle/Personal Growth, Fashion & Resale Fashion

7) Personal Growth/Lifestyle Entrepreneurs | People that are in the field of lifestyle and personal growth; or have expertise in this field. The personal growth topics are to really empower the community to learn, love and embrace more of who they are on the inside; so that they can reflect it and showcase it on the outside. Examples of past personal growth topics:

  • The story of the Tortoise & the hare: Trust the timing of your life
  • The power of goal-setting
  • Elevation requires separation

8) Interested in discussing real talk & hot topics | The things we all want to talk about; but some of us may be too shy to discuss!

Here are the next steps you need to take, in order to become a guest on the show:

  1. Contact Key To Fashion either via email or the contact page on the website (No IG DM’s)
  2. When you contact please state 3 important pieces of information: 1) Who you are 2) A description of what you do 3) Why you want to be a guest; and what value do you strive to provide to the audience?

Once your request is received it will be evaluated. If you are a great prospect for the show, this is what will happen next:

  1. You will receive an email with a list of dates that would work best for you, with a deadline of 48 hours after the email has been sent to respond.
  2. After confirming you will then receive a list of questions that I will be asking you, to give you an idea; but keep in mind that this is a conversation, so somethings that aren’t on the list may be asked, due to the flow of the dialogue

It’s exciting to see people interested in becoming a guest on Vintage Glamour!

I’m excited for you all to share your stories, share your value; and inspire and empower the Key To Fashion community!

In addition; this is a reminder that Vintage Glamour is on all steaming platforms and services, and it’s on the Key To Fashion YouTube channel!

Thanks for reading!


Key To Fashion

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