Twas’ Friday the 13th.

A superstitious day amongst many, and a day that is often times associated with bad vibes. But like the legendary Stevie Wonder once said,

“If you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way”

With that being said, the vibes of The Rise Of The African Giants Event, were laidback, extremely inclusive, and highly community-oriented.

Key To Fashion, had the pleasure of vending at this event, and meeting new customers throughout the night!

In person events, give allow The Key To Fashion Brand, an opportunity to connect with customers in person. Provide superb customer service. Hear your questions, comments and concern in person. And allow you all to feel, touch and try on the gems!

It has been great to meet other creatives in Boston. As well as other fashionistas and fashionistos that reside in the city! There are so many people that are into fashion in Boston.

A lot of them end up either leaving the city, or doing their own things? And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing your own thing. Key To Fashion had been doing its own thing for a year, before collaborating with others. But community is everything!

Question for you reader?

Do You Think It’s Possible For Boston To Create A Thriving Fashion Scene? 

Share Your Comments Below.

Very interested to hear your thoughts on that question.

Lastly, thanks for reading and supporting Key To Fashion.

As always, please continue to share your ideas, comments, questions or concerns.

For videos on the event, check the Instagram Page _@KeyToFashion.✨

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