Key To Fashion was in attendance for the third Artz Underground of 2019!

There is certainly a creative renaissance happening in the city of Boston. With so many creatives leaving for states such as New York, and LA to pursue their creative pursuits, there has been a rise of innovative creative initiates, that are sparking all across the city.

And Artz Underground just so happens to be one of them!

Artz Underground founded by Eva, who is a singer, rapper, and all around creative force. Started in January of 2019, with the mission of being a music and art showcase.

Artz Underground, was a way to unite and highlight the diverse array of creatives in the city of Boston. From the vendors, to the performers, all the way to the people that came to the event. Creative vibes were spread all throughout every nuck and cranny of the venue.

There were singers, rappers, dancers, painters, jewelry makers, a beautiful photo booth, and a dynamic graffiti wall section, that caught everyone’s eye.

It’s great to see Boston, create more spaces for creatives, and especially for creatives of color. Now, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

More collaborations, more togetherness, and more unity, amongst the creatives of color, is not only a vision, but a must.

A Boston Renaissance has begun, and it’s time for every creative to let their inner gifts, and powers shine.

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