What would you do if I told you, there are still some thrift secrets that you have discovered yet? Would you believe me?

After years of experience in the field, and working at a well known thrift store franchise, there are certainly a lot of thrift secrets that thrifted both new and seasoned; don’t know about!

After reading this article, there is no way you can’t thrift like the ultimate pro!

Here are the 5 hidden thrift secrets:

1. Ask The Managers Of Thrift Stores If You Can Check The Backstock.

Often times, there are back stock of gems, that are already priced and ready to go. The thing is, the simply haven’t been put out on the racks yet. In some thrift stores, managers will allow you to see the back stock, or they will bring out the rack allowing you to go through it first, before an employee puts away the “go backs”. The main objective of a thrift store, is to make money; so you asking to see the back stock is helping the thrift store, more than harming them.

2. Check The Front Register For Gems

This all depends on the design of the register, but behind most registers there is always gems that people put away, or that haven’t been priced yet. Always check this section, you will not only find some of the best gems; but you will also find gems that haven’t been put out into the store yet.

If you shop at buy sell trade stores; there are always gems that haven’t been put out behind the registers. Always. If you see a gem, and ask to see it, 9 times o it of 10, they will either price it before they give it to you; or give it to you and price it after. Either way, they will give it to you so you can see if you would want to purchase it.

3. Always Bring Your Student ID, Even If You Aren’t In College Anymore

Keep it on you at all times! Most thrift stores have discount days for students, so always keep your ID on you, so you can get the discount! There is no better feeling than getting a bargain, for even more of a bargain!

4. Checks The Racks By The Bathroom

This is an area that people tend to forget about. When people go to the bathroom, they cannot bring there items inside, so they will usually leave it on random racks outside of the bathroom.

Sometimes when people come out of the bathroom they will either leave some ideas, or decide that they don’t want some ideas. They are usually heading to the register after the bathroom to purchase their items, so always check this section!

5. Thrift On Saturday Mornings/Afternoons & Mondays

At many thrift stores Friday is a day where a lot of people come in to donate clothing. People will come into buy, sell, trade stores or consignment stores to give their clothes away, so by the time you come in on Friday there are new gems up on the racks.

Also on Saturdays, a lot of people will come in to donate, sell their clothing or consign them, so by Monday since many thrift stores have shorter hours on Sundays, Monday’s is a great day to go in and check for the new gems that came on Saturday. It often takes thrift stores employees some time to price the items, and to put them back on there racks; so you can go in on Sundays as well, but there will most likely still be a lot of items that still need to be examined and priced.

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