By: Key Michel

Summer will be here before you know it; and the theme of summer 2022 for many is: ” We Are Outside This Summer!”

You deserve to enjoy your life, live it up; and gain life fulfilling experiences. The thing is, you want to make sure you are stepping outside; and looking like the fashion icon that you are.

Luckily, you still have more than enough time to create your summer style wishlist.

Here Are 7 Tips To Create Your Summer Style Wishlist

1) Write down a clear list of all the styles that you want to wear, experiment with or build on for the summer. What do you already own? What may you beed to purchase?

2) What is the energy that you want to give off this summer? This can be confused as a style aesthetic; but has to do more with your aura. For example, are you giving off an aura this summer of being “That Gyal” and radiating confidence, an aura of brunch vibes only; or an aura of fun and adventure in the sun?

3) Go to the thrift store first; before checking fast fashion brand. Whether you are looking for in trend, or out of trend styles the thrift stored got you!

4) Write down your summer style accessories. What bags, shoes, or jewelry are you going to incorporate into your summer style?

5) Plan your summer hairstyles. What hairstyles are you going to wear, or try this summer. Start envisioning your hairstyles now. a hairstyle can certianly make, enchance or even break a lewk

6) Upcycle and create your own summer styles. Upcycling is huge in 2022; and if you know how to sew, or use fabric scissors recreating personalized summer outfits.

7) Get your makeup and perfume scents in order.

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