Writer: Key Michel | Date: 12/1/2020

A new month, is the perfect time to restart, refresh and realign with where you are trying to go in life.

This new month, there are so many new and exciting changes, coming to the Key To Fashion site!

Many of you all know Key To Fashion to be an online vintage store, a place where you all can come and get some fly gems; and also explore the other entities that the site has to offer.

Now, Key To Fashion is not only a vintage store; but it is now..

A resale fashion digital magazine!

Yes you read that right!

This is the first resale fashion digital magazine, and I’m SO excited to see where this goes. On top of selling vintage gems, the site will also be providing enriching articles, How to videos, Vintage Glamour IG live reruns, more E-books, additional services, thrift guides and highlighting all the supportive and stylish fashion icons; like yourself!

In addition, writers are needed! If you are interested in guest writing; and building your brand, please send an email to keytofashionn@gmail.com.

This is an unpaid services (right now), but writers will be given 75% off all items on the Key To Fashion site, free access to any upcoming Key To Fashion events in 2021, along with promotion of their work on the Key To Fashion IG platform.

Life can be interesting at times..

Key To Fashion was my personal IG name in 2012 to 2019, and when I thought of the name, I immediately remember saying to myself… this would be a great name for a magazine.

In my senior year of college, I had applied to two internships, one was for the Ellen show, and the other was for Essence Magazine.

My English professor helped me by writing an amazing recommendation for me; and encouraging me along the way.

But I didn’t end up getting any of those internships.

Fast forward to 2020… and the idea of a magazine came to my mind earlier in the year.

The day before the anniversary of my Grandmother’s passing, I was in the shower, and the thought game to my mind so strongly,

“a digital magazine”

The next day; which was the anniversary of my Grandmother’s passing in November, I stumbled upon a Podcast Episode from the SideHustlePro podcast, and the host Nicaila was interviewing Claire, the owner of FashionBombdaily.

It was in that very moment, that I knew I was on to something. That very moment.

I say this all to say; sometimes our journey in life doesn’t always make the most sense to us. There might be rejections, roadblocks, detours, but as time goes on; you start to realize that everything is actually aligning.

I’m very confident about this direction of the brand; but I also ask for grace. I will admit that I still have a lot to learn; but what entrepreneur doesn’t. I mean what human being doesn’t?!

To all the supporters of Key To Fashion, you all make this experience so worth while. As we enter the final month of 2020, may this be a month filled with abundance, peace and joy!

Let’s end 2020 on a powerful and positive note!

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