By: Key Michel

Let’s take it back to 1985, when bold and vibrant looks; were the talk of the town. 80’s styles are making a serious comeback in 2022; to remind us all, that it’s more than okay to make a fashion statement everywhere you go!

Some of the eras signature styles will be trends for the year; so get daring and try 80s styles that compliment your style.

Experiment by mixing the 80s styles with different vintage eras that you love; or modern day styles that you already own.

Get creative and expressive with your 80’s inspired lewks!

Blazers & Shoulder Pads

Dynamic shoulder pads; are taking over this year!

Sequins, Sparkle & Shine

Stepping out with sequin, spark and shine; and looking so hot and fine!

Big Hair

The bigger the hair; the bigger the statement!

Patchwork Denim

Electric patchwork styles; for the eccentric fashion icon!

Acid wash | distressed | & high-waisted jeans

These 80’s Jean styles; will give any lewk that extra edge!

Pattern Play

Via Pinterest

Bodacious printed styles; for the vibrant fashion icons!

Power Suits 

Power suits; for the fashion icons who mean business!

Glam Rock

Via Pinterest

It’s giving 80’s glam rock vibes!

Big Balloon Sleeves

Via Harpers Bazaar
Orange Balloon Sleeves Sweater

What wasn’t big in the 80’s? Big sleeves for the fashion icons, with a whole lot of confidence!

Velvet Dresses

Via Pinterest

Keeping it classy and stylish, with 80’s velvet dresses!

Bohemian Vibes

80’s Boho Chic Vibes, for the fashion icons who are free spirits!

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