Sweater Combinations To Slay The Winter

By: Key Michel Tis’ the season for sweater weather; and you know what that means! Time to pull out your favorite winter sweaters; and step out with the most iconic looks. Get rid of those sweater combinations that don’t excite you; and replace them with one’s that allow you to showcase your personal style. Explore … Continue Reading

“Gotta Make A Fashion Statement Everywhere You Go!” How To Wear Statement Pieces

By: Key Michel Statement Pieces are the attention-grabbers that your style needs! They empower you to be bold, be captivating and to step outside of the box. Makes getting dressed a joy The cool thing about statement pieces is that they don’t have to be within the same color palette as the entire outfit; they … Continue Reading

How To Put Together The Best Outfits

By: Key Michel Putting the best outfits together can be a hassle for some; and a joy for others. Wherever you lie on the spectrum has a lot to do with the array of clothing that sits in your closet that you love; and your knowledge and confidence to bring those styles together. Now we … Continue Reading

The Viral Tik Tok Trend “Wearing Versus Styling” Sheds Light On The Different Perceptions Of Style

By: Key Michel The Tik Tok trend “wearing versus styling” was initially formed to show viewers how they can easily elevate their own outfits with simple style hacks. Its mission was to inspire viewers that instead of simply wearing their outfits; they can apply more effort by styling them in their own way. Whether it … Continue Reading

Take Your Outfits To The Next Level With Juxtaposition

By: Key Michel If you have been pondering upon how you can make your outfits 10 times better; well I have a trick for you. Juxtaposition in fashion is certainly a hidden gem; but once it’s discovered it has the power to elevate your eye for style; and spring upon your courage to experiment. Juxtaposition … Continue Reading

How To Make Your Fashion Journey An Intentional One

By: Key Michel Being intentional in life keeps you on a fulfilling path where your direction is clear, your purpose is aligned; and your decisions only correlate with what really matters. While fashion is an art form that requires flow and freedom; your fashion journey also requires intentionality. This isn’t solely about being aware of … Continue Reading

How To Build Effective Style Habits

By: Key Michel Our habits in life have a direct impact on the course and quality of our lives. When making positive choices in your life; it’s important to form positive habits that will align you the accomplishment of those goals. While style is a form of art that is more expressive and fluid; one’s … Continue Reading

Style Inspo: Vintage Bomber Jackets

By: Key Michel What was once created in the late 1960s as a practical garment for military pilots; became one of the most memorable pieces of the 1980s. Bomber jackets edgy vibe, and oversized fit deserve a space in your wardrobe. This jacket will gives your outfits an effortless swag and undeniable edge. Depending on … Continue Reading

Spring 2023 Color: 80s Cobalt Blue

By: Key Michel When you think of spring; pinks, reds, flowers, bright colors, and pastels may come to mind. This spring 2023 we are going bold and blue with a color that is a stand-out on it’s own. Cobalt Blue has been popular throughout many fashion seasons in the 2020s, and with fashion always repeating … Continue Reading

4 Style Secrets For The Perfect Evening Wear

By: Key Michel It’s the night of your exciting date with a brand new love interest; and you’re rummaging through your closets trying to find something to wear. Your looking all over the place for the best outfit; and simultaneously growing annoyed because you realize you have absolutely nothing to wear. You barely have any … Continue Reading