5 Out Of The Box Ways To Wear Animal Print

By: Key Michel Animal print is a reoccurring staple that is cemented in fashion. The trend became popular in the 1930s; and with each decade it has only marked its territory in the industry. Due to its mainstream popularity; people are often seen wearing animal print in synonymous ways. The good news is for anyone … Continue Reading

Beware! Things To Avoid On Your Personal Style Journey

By: Key Michel Personal style is the language you speak with the clothes that you wear; and the stories that you convey about who you are. It is the very essence that makes fashion a form of individual freedom; and creative self-expression. Personal style grants you the ability to mark to the beat of your … Continue Reading

How To Create Personalized Outfits

By: Key Michel There is one thing to have great outfits; but there is another thing to have personalized signature outfits. Personalized styles create a sense of comfort when expressing your layered identity because they are deeply tailored to who you are. It can be as simple as adding your grandmother’s vintage brooche to one … Continue Reading

10 Things That Make You Instantly More Stylish

By: Key Michel We have all had that moment when you’re out in public; and you see someone walk by with a phenomenal outfit; and you say to yourself, “I really like their outfit”. Have you ever wondered what triggers you to say that? Are there any common themes; or similarities that make these people … Continue Reading

“Of Course I’m A Fashionista” Here Are The Fashion Risk I’m Taking

By: Key Michel Personal style is all about aligning yourself to what’s true to you; while taking daring risk and experimenting with fashion. The risk you take in fashion challenge your personal style; while keeping your style journey fun, fresh; and adventurous. I love taking risks with my personal style, and I hope that after … Continue Reading

New Year, More Style; Better Looks

By: Key Michel The new year brings a wave of new beginnings; and new energy into your life. This freshness can inspire people to want to make a change in areas of their life; one being their style. You may be on a quest to revamp your personal style in the new year; and this … Continue Reading

Sweater Combinations To Slay The Winter

By: Key Michel Tis’ the season for sweater weather; and you know what that means! Time to pull out your favorite winter sweaters; and step out with the most iconic looks. Get rid of those sweater combinations that don’t excite you; and replace them with one’s that allow you to showcase your personal style. Explore … Continue Reading

“Gotta Make A Fashion Statement Everywhere You Go!” How To Wear Statement Pieces

By: Key Michel Statement Pieces are the attention-grabbers that your style needs! They empower you to be bold, be captivating and to step outside of the box. Makes getting dressed a joy The cool thing about statement pieces is that they don’t have to be within the same color palette as the entire outfit; they … Continue Reading

How To Put Together The Best Outfits

By: Key Michel Putting the best outfits together can be a hassle for some; and a joy for others. Wherever you lie on the spectrum has a lot to do with the array of clothing that sits in your closet that you love; and your knowledge and confidence to bring those styles together. Now we … Continue Reading

The Viral Tik Tok Trend “Wearing Versus Styling” Sheds Light On The Different Perceptions Of Style

By: Key Michel The Tik Tok trend “wearing versus styling” was initially formed to show viewers how they can easily elevate their own outfits with simple style hacks. Its mission was to inspire viewers that instead of simply wearing their outfits; they can apply more effort by styling them in their own way. Whether it … Continue Reading