No Sequin; No Problem: 6 Dress Styles To Wear Instead For New Years Eve

By: Key Michel The Glitz, The Glam, The Shimmer and The Shine are all descriptions widely associated with New Year’s Eve. Let’s be honest, getting a stylish sequin dress year after year can become quite redundant; especially if you are itching for a new outfit to walk into the new year. Perhaps you are someone … Continue Reading

The 80s/90s Suede Denim That Your Wardrobe Needs

By: Key Michel The perfect statement denims has the effortless power to propel any outfit; and with a touch of suede on them your guaranteed to be the conversation starter. Popular in both the 80s and 90s; suede denims have slowly been resurfacing in modern fashion. Although they are high in demand, they can be … Continue Reading

5 Minute Outfit Ideas To Wear When You’re In A Hurry

By: Key Michel Sometimes the best looks are the last minute outfits; and the one’s that take 5 minutes to put together. It’s common to experience moments in life where you may in a hurry; and you aren’t able to take your sweet time to get dressed. Being in a rush doesn’t mean you have … Continue Reading

Best Vintage Handbag To Wear This Fall & Winter Season

By: Key Michel The perfect handbag is an outfit maker, the icing on the cake; and the statement to all your stylish pieces. Vintage handbags tell a story of their own by propelling your style choices forward; and drawing all of the attention due to their standout nature. Making a fashion statement everywhere you go … Continue Reading

How To Make Vintage Trends Look Like An Outfit Versus A Costume

By: Key Michel Vintage Fashion is a unique form time machine; granting consumers with the chance to go back in time, and to relive timeframes that they loved, or never got to experience. Vintage has always been popular; but with the rise of social media promotion, and the countless advertisements of mainstream vintage trends, many … Continue Reading

7 Fashion Myths You Must Let Go

By: Key Michel We have all heard fashion rules such as, ”don’t wear white after labor day” or ”navy and black aren’t complimentary. A lot of people have blindly followed these rules at one point of another; not even understanding why. Who created these rules; and who says we have to follow them? A lot … Continue Reading

Is Fashion Really About Self-Expression?

By: Key Michel Everyone has their own perception of what fashion means to them; and why they appreciate the industry in the first place. For many people, fashion is a form of art, a way of being, and a creative avenue for self-expression; but does everyone view fashion this way? Is it art; or is … Continue Reading

How To Style Vintage Handbags

By: Key Michel Vintage handbags are constantly making a comeback; but the difference is they are here to stay. Whether it’s the 70s, 90s or early 2000s; everyone has their favorite style eras that speak to their style. The beauty of vintage handbags are their ability to be the icing to your outfits story. The … Continue Reading

7 Quick & Easy Outfits To Style This Fall

By: Key Michel Picking out an outfit can be exciting and fun; but everyone experiences those moments when you want the process to be quick and easy. During instances when you are pressed for time; and you don’t have the leisure of taking your time to get ready, it’s essential to make sure that you’re … Continue Reading

Here Is How Often You Should Be Elevating Your Style

By : Key Michel In life, things grow, seasons change; and the same concepts apply to your personal style. A dull and redundant style, is one that doesn’t evolve. One that stays the same year after year; without reflecting the inner changes that you’ve experienced within. If you suddenly find yourself feeling emotions of boredom … Continue Reading