By: Key Michel

Everyone has their own perception of what fashion means to them; and why they appreciate the industry in the first place. For many people, fashion is a form of art, a way of being, and a creative avenue for self-expression; but does everyone view fashion this way?

Is it art; or is it about fitting in with social media?

Is it self expression; or is it the pressures of consumerism influencing you?

Is it creativity, or is it validation?

Is your pull towards fashion stemming from internal forces, or external forces?

It’s quite rare for fashion magazines to educate their readers on the art form of fashion; or the importance of personal style. Readers find themselves learning the latest trends, tips, styling and news; but when are readers ever educated on self-expression?

Individuals who’ve cultivated a personal style; perceive fashion as art, but if personal style lacks commonality; how does the rest of the population view fashion?

Observe and reflect upon your own style journey; and ask yourself, is fashion really about self-expression for you?

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