The thrift community, is one of the best communities in the Fashion field.

Yes, I know this is a VERY biased statement loll, but I think after I share some reasons why; you will be more than convinced.

The thrift community, is truly a community.

The way thrifters, entrepreneurs and community organizers support each other in this field, is a beautiful thing to witness.

On Instagram, so many people in this field, follow the same pages, and it’s amazing to see everyone celebrate each other.

People willingly share each others pages, pictures or content, via their own social media platforms.

The way people compliment each other, or give each other tips and advice; it’s all super inspiring.

What I adore about the thrift community, is witnessing people’s individuality be expressed in their business or brand.

Witnessing people’s individuality be expressed in their styles, or how people style their thrifted gems.

Witnessing the creative ideas people come up with, and the way people step completely out of the box!

I adore the unity in this community, and that everyone is really in their own creative lane.

The interesting names for resale brands, blogs, or community organizations, and the driven mission behind them.

I personally appreciate everyone doing their own thing, and being in their own creative lane; because that is essential to me, especially in a career path.

What I adore about the thrift community, is that there is room for everyone to shine!

This isn’t a field where there should be competition, well at least in my eyes. Competition takes away from the major support for community, and self-expression.

What I adore about the thrift community, is the diversity.

Thrifters come in all different ages, generations, races, ethnicities, states and countries.

Fashion is not the most inclusive field, but the thrift industry is!

Are you convinced yet?

These are some of the reasons why I adore the Thrift community, what are some of your reasons Fashion Icon?

Share Below!



The creator of Key To Fashion 💜✨

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