Let’s face it. Thanksgiving can be a Fashion Show! lol. But hey I’m not complaining. Who doesn’t love an excuse to look fly. While eating a delicious meal, or two. Or three! In style ?

Personally I love to dress up! I have no idea what I’m wearing this Thanksgiving, but I’m sure I’ll pick from one of these 5 looks!

These 5 Thanksgiving looks will make you feel comfortable, but have you standing out at the dinner table! Everyone will be looking at your look while you run for seconds, and dessert!

But wait… there is a catch to this. I styled looks for readers to choose from, but I decided not to post any completed styled looks.

The challenge here: is that each reader has to innovate their OWN look from the descriptions below. It’s time to get creative here! I think it’s cool that a lot of fashion blog, tell readers how to wear something, or how to style a look. But here, at Key to Fashion, I want to push my readers, to become as innovative, but also as confident as possible. When it comes to your style! I think one of the best ways to become confident, or build on your style, is by experimenting!

1) Bold & Shout

The theme for Bold & Shout, are a lot of vibrant and bright colors. This is a thanksgiving look that will make you stand out loudly. If you’re feeling like making a strong, and confident statement that day. Then this showstopping look, is for you!


-Biker Jacket/leather jacket

– Bright & Bold color blouses

– Bold color jackets

-Bold and Bright color dresses

-Statement Sleeve Blouses

-Patterned items and styles: (vintage prints, animal prints, etc)


-Mid-Knee Skirts


-Dark Skinny Jeans

-Two Piece Sets (Top & Bottom)


-Bold & Vibrant Color Dresses


-Biker Jackets/Leather Jackets

-Bold Color Jackets






-Eccentric accessories.

-Bold hoops

-Chunky Bangles

2) Cute, Comfy and Casual

The theme for Cute, Comfy and Casual, are a lot of looks, and items. That give off a very comfortable appearance. But at the same time have a lot of aesthetics to the look. This Thanksgiving look will allow you to be completely comfortable. Especially  when you feel stuffed after your two plates of food. And your stomach starts to get bloated! If you’re feeling like keeping it casual on Thanksgiving. But also wanting to look really cute. Than this style choice is for you!


-Cardigan/oversized cardigans

-Cold Shoulder Sweaters

-Long sleeve crop tops shirts, or cropped sweaters

-Cute slightly oversized sweaters (cable knit sweaters, cold-Shoulder sweaters, etc)



-Skinny Jeans

– Long sleeve crop top shirt/cropped sweater


-Sweater dress


-High waisted boots

– Solid booties

-Cute sneakers

-Loafers/Flats/any comfy classic shoes

-Classic studs, or dangling earrings.

3) Classy & Chic

The theme for Classy & Chic, are a lot of light colors, and chic looks. Or items that give off a look of prestige. This Thanksgiving look will allow you to look super clean and sharp at the dinner table. If you want to go for a more classic look, or you want to be on your “Grown woman status” for the day lol. Or if ya trying to be on your bougie tip. Than this style choice is certainly for you!


-Chic or Sexy Blouses

-Statement Sleeve Blouses

-Winter Pastels

-Classy Turtlenecks

-Embroidery tips

-Suit Blazer


-Light high-waisted pants

-Stripped, plain, of plaid trousers

-Skirt w/ nice tights

-Matching suit pants, or suit skirt


-Faux fur vest or coats

-Trench coats/Pea/coats

-Plaid, Solid, Velour, or Checkered Blazers


– Booties




-Classic studs, or dangling earrings

-Fedora hats

4) Edgy & Sophisticated

The Theme for Edgy and Sophisticated, are a lot of dark color items. But with a sophisticated spin. This is the Thanksgiving look that allows you to give off some sexy vibes. Without being TOO sexy in front of family. If you’re feeling a little sexy and sensual that day. And you want to let it out! Than this look is definitely for you!


-A lot of Black, or Dark Or Silver.

-Darker Colors

-Edgy styles

-Cold shoulder tops/sweaters

-Off the shoulder tops



-Dark colors

-Leather Pants

-Black overalls


-Skirts/w tights

-Two Piece Sets (Top & Bottom)


-Biker jackets

-Leather jackets

-Deep color faux fur coat or vest


-Combat boots



-High-Knee Boots

-Classic studs, dangling earrings

-Chunky hoops

-Newsboy cap

So what do you think!

Do you think it will be easy, or difficult. To style your own look from the 5 options above?

Do you have an idea, of what options out of the 5. That you will choose from?

Do you think this challenge will be hard. Because  there aren’t any visual examples for each look?

Or are you confident in your experimentation skills?

Please share your thoughts and comments below!

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