The Right Purse; For The Right Occassion

By: Key Michel The 80/20 rule states that 20 percent of inputs results in 80 percent of outputs; and when it comes to the handbags in your wardrobe; 20% of the handbags in your wardrobe mostly likely result in the one’s that you actually wear. Perhaps you have one handbag that is your go-to; the … Continue Reading

Easy Way To Upcycle Your Old Sweaters

By: Key Michel It’s cozy season; and with all the latest styles it’s tempting to completely be out with the old, and shop for some new. Up-cycling is a sustainable and creative option that can transform the clothing sitting in your wardrobe. If you are new to up-cycling; and you don’t know how to sew … Continue Reading

How To Break Out Of Your Style Comfort Zone

By: Key Michel They say nothing ever grows in a comfort zone; and the same tale can be told about your style comfort zone. A style comfort zone can be described as refusing to experiment with your style; and remaining within your comfort level. In order for your style to expand, and even your confidence; … Continue Reading

New Gems Hit The Block

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7 Vintage Coats To Make A Fashion Statement This Winter 

By: Key Michel Cozy Gyal season is upon us, and there is no better way to step into the winter season than with the perfect statement coat. Now of course keeping warm while looking stylish is the mission for every winter season; and the right coat will always serve you in the best way. It … Continue Reading

Do This Before You Find Your Personal Style

By: Key Michel Achieving your own personal style is an experience that everyone should encounter in their lives. The thing is, when most people think about finding their own personal style, the intiatial thoughts that flutter their minds are about the clothes they should or shouldn’t wear; or the best places to get style inspiration. … Continue Reading

Is Thrifting Really Better During The Fall and Winter?

By: Key Michel With the seasons changing, more thrifters have been coming online, and stating their opinions about thrifting during the fall and winter; versus thrifting during the spring and summer. A lot of thrifters have very strong opinions, about thrifting being much better in the fall and winter. They view it as a timeframe … Continue Reading

No Sequin; No Problem: 6 Dress Styles To Wear Instead For New Years Eve

By: Key Michel The Glitz, The Glam, The Shimmer and The Shine are all descriptions widely associated with New Year’s Eve. Let’s be honest, getting a stylish sequin dress year after year can become quite redundant; especially if you are itching for a new outfit to walk into the new year. Perhaps you are someone … Continue Reading