It has been a HUGE miss this winter season for thrifting!

I have walked into several Thrift Stores this Winter Season. And have walked immediately out, empty handed.

In December, Savers sent me a free Gift Card, so that I can go thrifting. And further promote and educate people on the resale fashion industry. I ended up going to Savers to see what I could find, and I walked out with one sweater.

Only. One. Sweater!!!

And part of me feels like I only ended up buying that sweater. Because I was so damn eager to buy something!

The thing is I’m not surprised though. As a frequent thrift shopper. And a former resale fashion buyer. I know for brick and mortar resale fashion stores. The winter time can be their SLOWEST season.

But why is that though?

Well think about it. If it’s below 10 degrees ( like it was in Boston a few days ago). And you have a bunch of clothes you want to sell or donate.

Are you going to leave your nice warm house, to sell or donate a bunch of clothes?

Don’t get me wrong some people will, if they need the money, or if they simply want to get rid of the clothes.

(Shoot, I was recently one of those people for both of those reasons  loll)

But a lot of sellers, rather sell or donate clothes in the Spring, Summer or the Fall!

So with less sellers, and less donators flowing into these resale fashion stores…

That means the inventory in some of these stores, are not up to par, as they could be.

In February,

I predict things to change though. Because they usually do. Resale Stores, are very used to the beginning of the winter, being a slow time for business. So some stores, work hard to improve their winter inventory, and to get more people to come in to sell and donate their gems.

Nowadays some stores try their hardest to prepare in advance, by letting sellers and donators know what items they are looking for in the Fall. In addition, some stores even work with vintage or resale wholesalers. To get frequent specific batches of inventory, sent to their Brick & Mortar store.

Despite winter thrifting being a miss for me. I still encourage you to go thrifting this winter season. Because the irony of it all, is that you can find some of the best winter gems at the thrift store.

That’s part of the reason why I keep going back to these stores!

2 years ago I got this winter coat from Goodwill, and currently I have been wearing it very often this winter season. That coat has been getting so many compliments. To the point when I went to sell clothes, one of the buyers told me she loved my coat, and told me she wish I was selling it as well! lolllllllll

So even though it can be a hit or miss to thrift in the winter.

When it’s a hit… IT’S A HIT!!!

For my Boston Readers, if you want a cute winter coat for cheap. And you are tired of your North Face Jacket look. I would recommend going to:

  • Goodwill in Dudley.
  • The Garment District in Cambridge
  • The Goodwill in Jamaica Plain.

You can also go to savers, I have found some nice coats in Savers. But some of my favorite winter coats, have come from the three locations I stated prior. And If you ever decide to visit Boston, I recommend you check those places out!

So before I wrap this up

I’m interested in knowing if you have gone thrifting this winter season, and how your experience been?

Was it a hit or was it a miss?

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I also hope you learned something new here. Especially about the resale fashion industry!

I honestly think it’s important for me to keep you in the loop. And to teach you more about this industry. Because mark my words, in the next few years.

This will be the leading realm in Fashion!

Thanks for stopping by reader! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. And I hope you have a great weekend!

This is the last weekend of January 2019, so make it count!


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