By: Key Michel

In the past few years, the resale fashion realm has grown exponentially; proving that it’s not only here to stay, but it’s here to spark change in what people buy, what people wear; and how people view fashion and personal style.

There are a few trends in the industry that you should know about; especially if you are a resale fashion entrepreneur, a blogger, a self-proclaimed thrift pro; or a newbie to this thang.

Here are the top 5 resale fashion trends you should explore:

1. Thrift Flipping/Up-cycling

This is by far the most popular trends in the industry right now. This is the concept of purchasing something at the thrift store, or taking something that you already own, and flipping it or upcycling it; to fit whatever new vision you have for it in your mind.

Some people do this with sewing, and others do it without sewing. This trend certainly allows you to take your creativity to the next level.

If you haven’t tried thrift flipping yet, definitely give it a try!

2. Attending offline community-oriented vintage markets; or thrift events

Markets and thrift events will be booming in this decade!

Markets and thrift events are a great way to connect with people that share the same passion as you, get some great gems; and of course catch some amazing vibes.

Check the thrift hashtags on Instagram, eventbrite or your favorite resale fashion brands, for upcoming markets and events.

Key To Fashion will definitely be throwing some events y’all; so stay tuned!

3. Document your recent thrift trips via video (reels, tik tok, YouTube)

Video is taking over in the 2020’s, and what better what to show your love for thrifting, than taking people with you on your most recent thrift trip.

This is super popular nowadays, because people love to see what gems people have found at the thrift stores.

Some people have a fixed mindset when it comes to finding gems at thrift stores; so showing your gems, can inspire people to become more patient and extend more grace their way, when it comes to thrifting.

You can also show thrift hauls, by trying on the items that you purchased in store or online.

4. Collaborate with other thrifters

Community is one big deal in this industry; and that is certainly what makes this realm of fashion stand-out. Connecting with others thrifters in the field, allows you to feel like you are apart of something bigger than yourself.

Community-building is truly essential in life, and especially during this pandemic era that we are all currently living in; being apart of a community will make you feel less isolated from others.

It will also allow you to meet new people, and gain great connections with others along the way.

5. Show or educate people on your own personal style hacks with thrifted gems

Reimagining the gems you purchase while thrifting; inspires a lot of people that are really new to thrifting, to head to the next thrift store that they can find!

It allows people to realize that shopping second-hand isn’t solely about getting cheaper clothing, but it’s also about allowing your imagination to run wild; and to completely step out of your style comfort zones.

It’s about having fun, and making a gem your own; by putting your own spin on it.

What resale fashion trend will you be exploring?

Share below!

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