Thrifting has become extremely popular, amongst the Millennial and Gen-Z generation.

In this era, we not only have the option of thrifting in person, but we can thrift online, via social media, or via resale apps.

As thrifting becomes popular, more and more people have been questioning whether thrifting is becoming too trendy?

A lot of veteran thrifters, are trying their best to prove, how long they’ve been thrifting, to solidify their veteran status.

To be frank with you all, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been thrifting at all; or what made you embark on your thrift journey.

The only thing that matters is the positive changes, that thrifting has brought into your life. The only thing that matters is the positive changes, that thrifting has also brought, to your style.

Don’t get concerned with anyone thinking thrifting is too trendy now, because more people are joining the community. Do what you want to do!

Thrifting is here to stay, and the amazing community will continue to expand and grow, with time.

Live your best life, and thrift your best life!✨

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Totally agree thrifting is here to stay! You can get total gems somewhere if you just now where to find it! Love the post!<3


Glad to hear you loved this post! And yes let the world know, that thrifting is here to stay! This community is WAY too strong!

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