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Some may thrift for basics. Some may thrift for name brand items. Some may thrift for luxury; and others may thrift for vintage!

Vintage clothing is growing exponentially amongst both millennials and gen-z. These clothing items allow these generations to take a walk back in time, with their timeless styles and looks.

What magnetically pulls people towards vintage fashion, are the unique aesthetics of the clothing. Finding vintage that is rare and different at a thrift store, is a joyful experience; because you feel like you have discovered a true treasure.

This is why many thrifters refer to unique vintage finds as Gems!

When you find unique vintage clothing, you have truly found clothing that speaks to your individuality.

How does one go about finding unique vintage clothing?

Sometimes people find it difficult, or very unsuccessful to find unique vintage clothing; but it’s not as hard as it may seem.

With a little guidance from Key To Fashion, you will know exactly what to do the next time you are on the hunt for some unique vintage clothing!

1. Shop At The Right Types Of Thrift Stores

Contrary to popular belief, there are a variety of thrift stores that sell different types of clothing; or serve specific demographics.

Some thrift stores may sell casual wear, basics and vintage; some thrift stores may sell only luxury items; while other thrift stores may sell only unique vintage clothing.

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Some stores may sell items at a cheaper price, while other stores may sell items at a higher price.

Before shopping online or in person, make sure you are shopping at thrift stores that sells unique vintage clothing. Check out the stores website, social media platforms; or website.

in addition, if the store sells mostly vintage, the store will generally be called a vintage store versus a thrift store. This is another great way to know, if you are thrifting at the right types of stores.

2. Travel & Try Different Stores Out

If you love to travel, and seek out new adventures; checking out different thrift stores when you travel, is a fantastic way to find unique vintage clothing!

For one thing, you are able to find unique vintage, in a completely different city, state; or country. Those vintage gems will also be quite special to you; because you will always remember where and when you got them!

3. Thrift Online

Thrifting online is here to stay, and if you are still hesitate about it; definitely give it a try!

Thrifting online is a great way to find unique one of a kind vintage pieces. There are also a variety of vintage stores online that you can check out; to discover all the new and amazing vintage clothing they may have.

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4. Shop Often With An Open Mind & A Wild Imagination

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. If you want to become a thrifter who finds unique vintage clothing all of the time, than you have to build that habit, and that lifestyle overtime.

Shop at your favorite thrift stores frequently. Make it a habit to check them out, because thrift stores both online and offline are always restocking with new items.

Also, shop with an open-mind, and use your wild imagination! If you find unique vintage clothing that speaks to you, but you aren’t sure of how you will style the clothes; keep an open-mind and use your imagination, to visualize different ways to style your gems!

5. Make Sure It’s Unique To You

Unique vintage clothing can be statement pieces; or they can sometimes be more casual attire. If you find vintage clothing that is more casual in its aesthetic, that doesn’t make it any less unique than a statement piece.

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Always make sure that whatever vintage gems you find, are unique to you; and to your personal style.

5. Be Patient. You Will Find Unique Vintage Clothing!

Even your favorite thrift store or vintage store, will sometimes be a hit or miss. Be patient when you thrift; and most importantly, have fun!

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