Hello to all the lovely fashionista’s and fashionistos’s! First and foremost, before rolling out the updates, thank you to EVERYONE that has supported Key To Fashion thus far. The support has not gone unnoticed whatsoever. It truly means a lot.

You all have been SO dope. Whether you purchased items, offered to be a potential model for future photo shoots, reached out for vending opportunities, or other amazing creative initiatives, shared innovative ideas or suggestions, it all has been greatly appreciated!✨

We are now in the month of December, the last month of 2019, and the final month to crush any 2019 goals that you may have!

Here at Key To Fashion, although a lot of goals have been mastered, there are still a lot of goals that still need to be accomplished. This is a very transparent brand, so it’s important that supporters are in the loop, regarding any updates! Below is a list of highly important updates, regarding the Key To Fashion Brand.

1) Men’s Fashion

This has been a common question that has been asked by a lot of the male supporters. When is Key To Fashion going to get more men’s wear? The Men’s section was expected to be released this Fall, but to be open with you all, it has been very tough to find the men’s wear that will fit the brand, and our customers, in the city of Boston.

It’s been difficult to source unique Men’s gems, so instead of rushing the process, it’s so important to take time to research on how/wear Key To Fashion can acquire the right men’s merchandise. To the male customers of Key To Fashion, this is in no way, a forgotten entity. The Men’s section needs to be just as strong as the women’s section.

2) Unisex Gem’s

You may have already noticed that some of the gems that are sold on Key To Fashion, are unisex items. This is something that you will start to see in many resale stores, and you will start to see this more here at Key To Fashion. A lot of gems that women can wear, men can wear them too!

3) Events & Workshops

This has been a common question that has been asked. Several customers have asked, is Key To Fashion doing any events, and are the style workshops still happening? To answer your question yes! Key To Fashion was supposed to start style workshops in October, but unfortunately the space that we had our eye on, we weren’t able to get.

With that being said, there have been several amazing creatives that have shared their knowledge about workshops and event spaces. Workshops and events are a great way to bring the Key To Fashion experience offline! It will also be a great way to continue to cultivate a strong community! In addition, it will also be a great way for you to shop for gems in person.

4) Blog Post, Videos, IG Lives, & E-Books

Moving forward, Key To Fashion will be implementing more blog post, videos, ig lives and e-books. The blog post will be style tip blog post, to help customers enhance their style. There have been a lot of people that have shared that they want to enhance their personal style, but that they don’t exactly know how.

These blog post, videos, lives and e-books will help you get more connected to who you are, so that you can ultimately know what your style is. Some of you all may not be active readers, so blog post may not be your thing, which is why videos and ig lives will be implemented as well.

In addition, definitely check out the How To Find Your Personal Style EBook!

5) Online Site/Women’s Section

Moving forward, all sold items will be removed from the site. It’s completely understandable that it can be a little annoying to come on a site, and see that a lot of the items are sold out, when you are simply trying to shop and explore. To check out the sold items you can click the sold story tab on the IG page, or you can scroll down the IG page to see what items have been sold that were listed.

In addition, the women’s section of Key To Fashion will be implementing more items that are solid in color, and style. Many of the items on the site are printed, and extremely dynamic, and we know a lot of customers love the retro and vintage styles and  prints, but there are also a lot of customers that love the uniqueness of the gems, but they prefer to wear gems that are more solid in color.

In addition, if you really like an item, and you see that the item is no longer in stock, please send a DM or an email with that item. It’s SUPER helpful to know what items were customer faves, so that these gems can be sourced!

6) Diversity

Key To Fashion is a Black owned business, but it is not a Black only brand. This is very important. Yes you will see a lot of representation of Blackness on this platform, because the fashion industry does not showcase Black people enough.

This brand is started by a Black woman, so it’s important for Key To Fashion to be the change that it wishes to see. With that being said, there are many members of the Key To Fashion community that aren’t black, and we thank you for your support, and will continue to warmly welcome you.

For members that are Black, who are seeking more unity amongst black thrifters and resellers, you can follow the Blacks Who Thrift platform, which was started by Key this past October.

7) Email-List

The email-list is going to be SO important moving forward. A lot of the sales, and deals have been publicly posted on the site, and on the IG page, but this will now be broadcasted on the email-list. The email list, will also be giving away free gems, special discount codes for any upcoming events, or workshops, and more! So sign up below if you haven’t already!✨

If you are concerned with being bombarded with email after email, Key To Fashion will not be doing that! It’s certainly annoying, and often times the more you email people the less they read it. These emails will come in your email periodically, and they will ALWAYS be for an important reason.

8) Collaborations

Key To Fashion is always looking to collaborate with other resellers, or creatives! This brand is big on community and unity, so if you are interested in collaborating with Key To Fashion, please do not hesitate to reach out via email, at all!

9) Consignment

This is something that a few customers have asked about. Before starting an online site, in 2017, Key To Fashion learned a lot about the consignment, realm of resale fashion, as well as buy, sell & trade.

Consignment is a great way for customers to get compensated, and to be apart of the resale experience. To be transparent, consignment works much better in a brick & mortar store, versus online platforms, because in a brick & mortar store the consignor’s are able to build strong rapport with the consignee.

Although there are several online consignment platforms that are thriving, community is important to this brand. In addition, many online consignment platforms have opened up brick &’mortar stores, because they understand that connecting with their consignors is important, such as Thred Up, which is the largest consignment platform in the world.

Nevertheless, this is something that Key To Fashion is thinking about critically, so if any customers have any opinions on this, please do not hesitate to share them.

10) Discovering Your Own Key’s To Fashion

Here at Key To Fashion, it is SO important that people discover their own “Keys To Fashion”. Some of the items on the site, may be gems that you have never seen before, or gems you love but aren’t sure if you can pull them off.

Please challenge yourself. The only way you can truly discover your own Keys To Fashion, is if you experiment with your personal style. Don’t think about what others will say, or how it will look, challenge yourself! One of the most important aspect’s of this brand, is that people feel more connected to who they are, and comfortable with expressing their individuality.


You finally made it to the end! Completely understand that this was a long post, but there was a lot to catch you up on. There are absolutely more updates, but these are things that will be rolled out in 2020.

Once again, thank you to each and everyone one of you all for all the support. Don’t forget to subscribe below to the email list!

Lastly, a departing question, what are your Keys To Fashion? In other words, how do you use fashion to express who you are?


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