10 Statement Pieces That Are Essential For Your Wardrobe

Statement Pieces are those wardrobe gems that every fashionista needs! They are those eye-catching essentials. That completely transform your entire look. Giving it that standout touch! And a personalized essence, to make your outfit more you! Statement pieces make getting dressed VERY easy. You can literally throw on the simpliest outfit. And add a statement … Continue Reading

The Gem Box: Blazer Box, Cozy Box & More! 💜💫

Hey Fashion Icons! The Gem Box is something that was rolled out in February of 2020, but there are some really cool changes that have been made! 🔥 In addition to the original gem box; Key To Fashion will now be adding in: The Blazer Box, The Cozy Box & The Blouse Box! Below are … Continue Reading

Check Out The Latest Book! | How To Become A Trendsetter

Hey Fashion Icons! Check out the latest E-Book below! 💜✨ How To Become A Trendsetter

New Month; New Changes

Writer: Key Michel | Date: 12/1/2020 A new month, is the perfect time to restart, refresh and realign with where you are trying to go in life. This new month, there are so many new and exciting changes, coming to the Key To Fashion site! Many of you all know Key To Fashion to be … Continue Reading

5 Instant Ways To Make Vintage Fashion, Look Modern

Vintage & Retro fashion is taking over, and it’s here to stay! With the uprise in these nostalgic looks; many people still struggle with finding ways to make vintage and retro gems, fit their modern day style. This post will show you 5 valuable ways, that you can incorporate vintage gems into your style, without … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Key To Fashion!

Today is August 5th, and it’s Key To Fashion’s Birthday!!! Last year, I launched the Key To Fashion Vintage Shop, and the support has been amazing to witness!! I love all of you Fashion Icons! 🔥💫 All you icons are so dope, so kind, so unique, so supportive, so encouraging; I mean the list truly … Continue Reading

Flash Sale: 30% off Until Sunday

Hey Fashion Icons! Here is a coupon code to receive 30% off your next purchase! Key To Fashion loves treating you all to surprises, so we hope you all enjoy this discount!   Coupon Code: VintageLovers

Thank You Fashion Icons!

It is vital, I mean VITAL that I thank each and everyone of you all, for your support during this difficult timeframe. I know you all have been wondering why I have not been posting on Key To Fashion’s IG, especially since most of us are currently stuck in quarantine. And to be transparent, it’s … Continue Reading

Flash Sale! (until Wednesday 4-22)

What’s going on Fashion Icons! So from today to Wednesday April 22nd, you all will have the opportunity to get 15% off your next purchase! The coupon code is: Fashion Icon In addition there is free shipping on all gems! Thanks for reading Icons, and head to the shop to check out the gems! XOXO … Continue Reading

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!- Key To Fashion Updates

What’s Going on Fashion Icons! Key To Fashion has a few updates/news to roll out to you all! 1) There are 3 new blog post on the site from this week! Definitely check them out! Also, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section of each blog post! 2) New Arrivals were supposed to … Continue Reading