As a highly extroverted woman, the late 20’s has been a time consumed with a lot of alone time, many moments in isolation, many moments of sadness, and many moments of hoping and wishing for the better.

I always needed alone time to recharge; but the late 20’s has literally forced me into very long periods of isolation. While I have experienced some hard times in my 20’s, I have certainly enjoyed this decade; and sometimes I don’t really want to let it go; but the late 20’s has truly been one roller coaster ride.

Jumping out into entrepreneurship; hasn’t been easy at all. While I’m grateful to have the opportunity to pursue my dreams; life is still life.

Starting a business has been a true awakening moment. I learned a whole lot about myself, and a lot about many of the people around me. Most importantly, I have truly learned that I need to become my own best friend.

That I need to have my own back more than anyone else in this world. That I need to create better boundaries. That I need to celebrate those small and big wins. That I need to realize who the fuck I’m, and stop playing with the potential, the gifts and the visions; that I have been blessed with.

I have learned along the way, that many people rather see you struggle than win. I have learned that hard times, will always show you who really has your back; and chasing your dreams, will always show you who is really there for you.

I have learned that I’m resilient af; and no matter how many times I get knocked down, I will always continue to rise.

I have learned that I’m more ambitious than I even realized. I always knew I was driven; but I didn’t realize how ambitious I actually was until this journey.

I have learned that my success has more to do with positively changing the world, making a grand impact on the lives of others, positively changing my families life; than it has to do with me. My vision and service to others, is bigger than myself.

I have learned that I put others before me, all of the time; because I deeply care. I have learned that I can be so hard on myself at times, and I have to ease up on it.

I have learned that no matter what I go through, I still smile, I still laugh hysterically, I still rejoice, I still serve others, I still transmit positive energy, I’m still a lover of humanity; and I still walk with my head held high. I have learned that I truly walk with grace.

But most importantly, I have learned that I love the woman that I’m becoming. Even in my darkest times, my love for myself only continued to grow. And honestly, as I write that, I realized how powerful that truly is.

Becoming my own best friend, has been a liberating experience, and a necessary one. I realized in my early 20’s I was everyone else’s best friend, but my own. I was a people pleaser, I was always a shoulder to lean on, or to cry on; but who was there for me?

Now, I’m there for me. And that is what truly matters the most.

I realized with entrepreneurship that this experience has to do more with my personal growth than anything. In order to be the best that I can be in business; I had to grow, I had to get better, I had to want better, I had to endure hard times; and I had to learn.

I come here and share these tales, because while I’m a private human being; I realized that my vulnerability is my strength. My vulnerability reminds people that they aren’t alone.

My vulnerability makes people feel seen, it makes people feel understood; but it most importantly inspires people to continue to press on. And that is all I want to do. I want to empower people to be the best that they can be; and to embrace who they are.

Key To Fashion, is more than selling unique vintage gems; or inspiring you all to embrace your individuality through resale fashion. It’s also about empowering you all to dig deeper, to learn more about who you are, to feel completely comfortable with embracing who your individuality and who you are becoming; so that your self-love shines through your style.

I’m driven to educate people on the connection between personal growth and style confidence. I’m driven to educate people about how this realm of fashion, can support them in expressing who they truly are.

I’m driven to empower people to love what they wear; because it speaks to who they are on the inside. I’m driven and motivated to make a positive impact in your life.

I’m grateful for the Key To Fashion Community; and all the amazing Fashion Icons, that continue to show so much support and kindness. I know that one day, I will get the opportunity to meet many of you beautiful souls in person! And trust me, I’m excited!



The creator of Key To Fashion 💜✨

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