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There is a video on YouTube where senior editors of fashion magazines, state what they love about fashion, and what they don’t love about fashion.

A lot of the editors had very insightful responses to the questions, but there was one editor in particular, who stated a very thought-provoking answer; when she was asked about her dislikes pertaining to the industry.

She stated one thing that she dislikes about the fashion industry, is how fashion brands and fashion magazines talks a lot about empowerment; but how the industry as a whole doesn’t really teach it enough.

She stated her honest opinion, and whether you agree or disagree with her sentiments; her answer certainly makes you ponder.

Teaching empowerment is similar to wanting to have honest and healthy conversations about mental health. Both of these topics people discuss in a progressive way, or how they both should be heavily integrated into our society; but often times that never happens; and the fluff conversations continue.

Empowerment is a word that sound good, even make you feel good; but it really isn’t talked about in depth enough.

The fashion industry holds a powerful position when it comes to educating people on what it means to feel empowered; because style is all about self-expression.

Finding ways to share who you are with the world, and with your personal style; empowers you in an indescribable way.

It promotes a liberating feeling within you; to be able to showcase who you are, with what you wear. It’s an empowering feeling to wear whatever you want, no matter your body frame, your weight or your age.

While many fashion brands strive to make their supporters feel confident; there can be more promotion and education on what it means to feel and be empowered with your personal style.

As well as, what it means to feel and be empowered to be who you are.

Fashion is all about living out your fantasy; but it’s also about feeling empowered to express your individuality. If more people in the world felt empowered to be themselves, and to love themselves; the world would be a much more unified and positive atmosphere.

Challenge yourself to view fashion in a very intentional and empowering way.

Ask yourself,

How does fashion empower me?

What positive impacts has that feeling of empowerment, had on my life?

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