Happy Valentine’s Day to You 💕

So listen, I’ve definetly been observing that a lot of people have been talking heavily about Valentine’s Day via social media this year. I mean even in early January, I was seeing tweets lol!

I guess everyone has been in their feels lately. And with Pisces Season only 5 days away. Get ready for intense emotions & feels.

Valentine’s Day is a cute holiday to me.💞

I know we should always show love and appreciation everyday, for the ones we love the most. But it’s good to have that one day where more people are putting out positive energy into the universe.

From the time I was not even old enough to be sing love songsz I was singing my little kid heart out to some of the greatest love songs lol.

I have always loved love songs. ☺️

Growing up my mother played a plethora of Love Songs.

From Patti Labelle. To Luther Vandross. To Whitney Houston, & so much more.

She loves music, and posses a highly eclectic taste in music. But one thing I always noticed that she loved,

Was love songs.

Love songs, do more to the soul than any other kind of music. They make us escape into our inner fantasies pertaining to love and intimacy. Far from reality, and into our imaginary world.

Or our ideal world.

They speak the words, that we are often times too afraid to say. They express, what we may be really trying to say. And they remind us that, no matter if some of us seek love. Or runaway from it.

We all want love. To love. And to be Loved.

For some millennials that may be reading this right now. I’m sure the idea of true love might sound foreign to you. Especially due to the way commitment, vulnerability and intimacy, is generally viewed by many millennials in our generation.

I know we have all had our fair share of dissapointments. But listen that ain’t your forever!

This is my idea: I think one reason why a lot of millennials may be scared to commit, is because of the fact that we do not have a lot of love songs in this generation.

Our Music, does not reflect the type of relationships that mant millennials want, seek or wish to seek.

Think about it?

In the generations before us there were several upon several love songs by Black Artists.

Even formulating this list, I found it quite hard to find a lot of love songs in the millennial era, that I truly love. Or that give me that emotion that my 90’s love songs give! Don’t get me wrong we have some songs.

But we don’t have enough

I’ve said this to friends in private, and I will say this here to you.

We Need More Love Songs in this generation

More music; that expresses true love & real love. 💞


Until then, here is a list of 33 love hits, by Black Artist that will remind you that true love really does exist 💕💕💕

1) Love No Limit- Mary J. Blige 

2) For The Love Of You-Isley Brothers 

3) Lady in My Life-Michael Jackson 

4) Ribbon In The Sky-Stevie Wonder

5) Forever My Lady-Jodeci

6) Cry For You-Jodeci

7) All The Things-Joe

8) The Love Scene-Joe

9) I’ll Make Love To You-Boys || Men

10) Make it Last Forever-Keith Sweat

11) Can You Stand The Rain- New Edition

12) So Beautiful-Musiq Soulchild

13) Unforgettable- Nat King Cole

14) So Amazing- Luther Vandross

15) Be With You-Beyoncé

16) Thinkin’ About You -Frank Ocean

17) Can You Handle It?- Usher

18) Love-Keyshia Cole

19) Lately- Jodeci

20) Sweetest Taboo- Sade

21) If Only You Knew-Patti Labelle

22) Sweet Love-Anita Baker

23) Lady-Wayne Wade

24) Rock Witcha-Bobby Brown

25) Diary-Alicia Keys

26) Get You- Daniel Caesar 

27) The Truth-India Arie

28) Jill Scott-He Loves Me

29) Saving All My Love For You-Whitney Houston

30) Sensual Healing-Marvin Gaye

31) That’s The Way Love Goes-Janet Jackson

32) When I See You- By Fantasia

33) Best Part-Daniel Caesar & H.E.R

34) Don’t Change-Musiq Soulchild

35) I have nothing-Whitney Houston

What songs on this list do you already know,

and already love? 💕

I know there has to be a couple of them on here!

And if you aren’t familiar with some of these love songs. Definitely get familiar!

We must thank these Black Artist that used their gift, their talents, and their vulnerability, to influence humanity to dream of an enchanting love. Love songs have reminded the Black Community that not only is it okay to love. But that it is okay for us to love eachother 💕.

There are so many more love songs I could add on this list!

What are some of your love songs by Black Artists?

Let’s us know below!

Thanks For Stopping By Reader✨

And Until Next Time


Key Michel

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