The Perfect Birthday Look: A Letter From Key

Birthdays can range from being an exciting time for many, and an anxious time for others. My 28th Birthday, was a mixture of the two. It was an exciting time, that I made it to another year of life, but it brought anxiety my way, knowing that my 20’s are slowly coming to an end. … Continue Reading

3 Tips You Must Know, If You Want To Thrift Like A Pro!

These tips are essential for EVERY thrifter! Do you want to Thrift like an amateur, or do you want to thrift like a pro? Watch this video below!

The Gem Box 💎✨

The Gem Box is filled with unique and daring vintage and retro styles, and one unknown gem! Customers will not have any idea what kind of gems will be placed in their treasure chest, until they open it! This brings spontaneity into the shopper experience, and into your personal wardrobe. You know Key To Fashion … Continue Reading

Join The Key To Fashion Team!

Key To Fashion is looking to hire Brand Ambassadors and Models to join the team! Brand Ambassadors Key To Fashion is looking for 10 brand ambassadors to join the team! The requirements of the Brand Ambassador include: Highly social media savvy individual Creative eye and insight Passion for fashion Eager to learn and grow about … Continue Reading

10 Fly 90’s Styles, That Are Making A Comeback!

Ahh the 90’s, what a time to be alive! It’s been over two decades, since one of the most expressive era’s to ever exist! The 90’s is an era that will never be forgotten, whether it’s the pop-culture, the music, the movies, the shows, or the fashion.✨ 90’s style can’t seem to be shaken off! … Continue Reading

Who Is Key Michel? Meet The Creator Of Key To Fashion!

Hey Everyone! My name is Keyana (Key) Michel, and I’m a fashion blogger, a writer, a dancer, a humanitarian, and the creator of Key To Fashion! Before Key To Fashion, my experiences in the resale fashion field include being an active thrifter of course ☺️, a resale fashion buyer, and a researcher and student of … Continue Reading

2020 Style Revamp Challenge

Switching up your style, isn’t always the easiest thing to do! You can have an idea that you want to revamp your style, but you can also have absolutely NO idea what you are exactly trying to change about it! Well say hello to the 2020 Style Revamp Challenge List! Below will be a list … Continue Reading

7 Instant Ways To Achieve Your 2020 Glow Up

Happy New Year! It’s the year 2020, and it’s definetly going to be a great year! For the new year, one of the biggest things people  strive to do, is writing down a list of goals or resolutions, to achieve in the upcoming year. To help you absolutely slay this year, Key To Fashion wanted … Continue Reading

10 Major Key To Fashion Updates, That Will Keep You in The Loop!

Hello to all the lovely fashionista’s and fashionistos’s! First and foremost, before rolling out the updates, thank you to EVERYONE that has supported Key To Fashion thus far. The support has not gone unnoticed whatsoever. It truly means a lot. You all have been SO dope. Whether you purchased items, offered to be a potential … Continue Reading

The Merry Thriftmas Sale!🎄✨

Merry Thriftmas Everyone!!! Tis’ the season for unique looks, styles & DEALS! This entire month everything on the site will be BELOW $15 dollars! Sale items will be 50% off the additional sale price. This is a wipeout sale! Everything MUST go! Out with the old, so we can make room for the new! For … Continue Reading