Key To Fashion YouTube: One Skirt & 4 Stylish Vintage Lewks

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Key To Fashion YouTube: Styling Vintage Finds!

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12 Vintage Earrings You Need In Your Jewelry Box

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) Earrings will always and forever be a major style staple. The right pair of earrings can make you look stylish, fashionable, and quite charming. Earrings make an outfit look very put together, or even make an outfit stand-out even more. It’s all about what you choose to wear, … Continue Reading

Vintage Anyone? The Best Vintage Styling Tips For Your Personal Style

By: Key Michel Vintage styles are a unique way of going back in time. Allowing you to relive decades that you may have once lived through; or decades you have only lived through from your vivid imagination. While time machines don’t exist, vintage clothing does; and with thrifting being on the rise; the demand for … Continue Reading

Founder & Fashion Journalist: Key Michel, Shares her Shopping List For The Winter SZN

We all have things on our shopping list this season; and we wanted to take the time to ask founder and fashion journalist: Key Michel, what is on her list for the winter! Key is someone that absolutely loves stepping out of the box with her personal style; but she also loves her signature staples … Continue Reading

Push Yourself! Even When You Don’t See The Results

By: Key Michel We all hear it all the time, that if you want to make any dreams or goals come true, that you have to construct a plan, that you have to believe in that plan; and that you have to follow-through with it. Even on those days where you don’t want to; or … Continue Reading

12 Color Trends For Winter 2022

By: Key Michel Winter is the season where you really get to put your styling skills to the test. If you can confidently dress in the winter, you can certainly dress anytime. Of course we all want to feel warm and cozy now; but don’t abandon your personal style in the midst of it. These … Continue Reading

It’s Giving Festive Energy! | 10 Styles To Wear This Winter & Holiday Season

By: Key Michel Tis’ the season for holiday cheers, holiday parties; and of course stylish lewks! This holiday season is truly giving a lot of shine; and a lot of bold festive energy. More than ever, people are craving to dress up; and step-out of the loungewear and sweatpants. Whether you’re attending holiday festivities this … Continue Reading

#StyleTips | 6 Classic Ways To Style A Turtleneck

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) Turtlenecks aren’t a thing of the past, or a boring clothing item that your parents forced you to wear when you were younger. Turtleneck are in fact, a modern style essential; that can make your outfits look more presentable, more classy; and also extremely put together. There are … Continue Reading