2022 Is The Year Of The Tiger

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) Animal Print is a staple trend that will always be around; and this year it is all about the tiger stripes. Tiger stripes will be a popular trend in 2022; especially for the winter and spring seasons. The coincidental factor is that, for the 2022 Chinese New Year; … Continue Reading

Work From Home In Style! | Style Do’s & Don’ts For The Remote & Zoom Call Professionals

By: Key Michel Working from home; is a concept that has certainly gotten a plethora of mixed reviews. While some people couldn’t wait for the day to wake up; and work from the comfort of their own home. Others have found working from home difficult to embrace. Some reasons include the implications working from home … Continue Reading

#StyleTips | 6 Classic Ways To Style A Turtleneck

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) Turtlenecks aren’t a thing of the past, or a boring clothing item that your parents forced you to wear when you were younger. Turtleneck are in fact, a modern style essential; that can make your outfits look more presentable, more classy; and also extremely put together. There are … Continue Reading

6 Statement Sweaters To Wear This Winter Season

By: Key Michel If you want to make a serious statement this winter season; than a statement sweater is the best way to go! These sweaters are not only comfortable and extremely cozy; but they provide a bold and stand-out touch to any lewk. During the fall, and especially the winter season; you want to … Continue Reading

4 Ways To Style Vintage Blouses This Spring & Summer

Fly vintage blouses, are a major fashion staple, for the Spring & Summer seasons! Even though we are currently in a pandemic, you can still upgrade your spring/summer style; by getting creative and enhancing the looks that you wear. You don’t have to look like you are going through a tough time, even if you are. … Continue Reading

5 Hot Swimsuit Styles To Wear This Summer

Who doesn’t love going to the beach in the Summer? Or jumping in the pool? And wearing your brand new stylish swimsuit? Key To Fashion is sharing some hot, sexy, sultry, daring, and stylish swimsuit styles for summer 2020! Also, Fashion Icons; always remember it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are. Step out … Continue Reading

The Best Way To Declutter & Organize Your Closet This Spring

Spring is here! 🌸 With so much time currently on your hands, this is the perfect opportunity to declutter your space, and to get ready for the summer! There are 5 important questions that you want to ask yourself, when you are cleaning out your closet. 1) Does this item still fit? 2) Have I … Continue Reading

7 Rockin’ Shorts To Wear This Spring & Summer

Hey Fashion Icon! The weather is changing, the sun is coming out, and it’s time for you to pull those shorts out! This spring and summer, there are a few shorts that Key To Fashion highly recommends; you incorporate into your style. Each of these styles will allow you to experiment, be daring and really … Continue Reading

Vintage Hacks For The Thrift Rookie

So you’re a thrift rookie, looking to become a pro huh? Well you come to the right place! A lot of Fashion Icons, have been asking, for the best Key To Fashion vintage hacks, and tips! Below are the top 6 hacks, that will make you go from a thrift rookie, to a thrift pro! … Continue Reading

5 Ways Resale Fashion, Can Provide You With A Better Quality Of Life, In A Recession

Fashion Icons living in America, we are currently in a recession. The word alone, can bring a lot of people a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. Especially for fashion lovers, who are always in search of new ways to enhance their wardrobe and style. But when the economy drops, the thrift industry rises. And … Continue Reading