Style Alert! | Patchwork Demin Is The Talk Of The Town

By: Key Michel Patchwork denim initially soared into popularity in the 70s’; and as the saying goes fashion always repeats itself. This style of denim comes and goes throughout the fashion eras; but in the early 2020s it has been seen everywhere. Patchwork is the perfect combination of modern meets vintage. They look vintage because … Continue Reading

These Are The Summer Styles I’m Absolutely Lovin’

By: Key Michel As I’m writing this article it’s currently a hot and beautiful spring day. Might I add, it’s also the first one of the season. The sun is shinning, the vibe is high; and I don’t know about you; but I’m excited for summer 2022! I’m especially excited for the summer fashion! There … Continue Reading

It’s Going To Be A Bold & Bright Spring

By: Key Michel It’s spring season; and the looks are coming in bold and bright. This is a season where a lot of softer colors and pastels are typically the fave to wear; but this year we are turning things up a notch! Bright and bold colors can be a style challenge for many people; … Continue Reading

Zero Effort Outfit? One Word: Monochrome

By: Key Michel You ever have those days where you are in a rush, slightly pressed for time; and you don’t have all the time in the world to tend to your outfit of the day? Maybe you are simply unsure what to wear that day; or perhaps you want to speed up the getting … Continue Reading

Is It Okay To Have More Than One Style Aesthetic?- Yes It Is!

By: Key Michel The best way to create a style that deeply resonates with you; is to create a style that exemplifies the different sides to who you are. All human beings are complex; and filled with different personality traits, interests, moods, feelings, and vibes. Having only one style aesthetic, and sticking with only one … Continue Reading

5 Spring Jackets To Rock This Season

By: Key Michel Spring is here; and it’s time to get rid of those winter jackets! Spring jackets are always a great transition into better weather, refreshing vibes; and of course new styles. This season there are 5 spring jackets that we are absolutely loving here at Key To Fashion. No need to get rid … Continue Reading

Why You Should Always Lean Towards Overdressing

By: Key Michel Overdressing is a concept that is either praised, or questioned with bewilderment. You are either celebrated for being the overdressed baddie in a room; or questioned for your over the top outfit choice. Why are you so dressed up? Where do you think you’re going? You are going to slay town; that … Continue Reading

#StyleInspo: Who Says You Can’t Serve Lewks On A Rainy Day? – 6 Outfit Ideas To Wear

By: Key Michel The winter attire is gone, and the cold snow days are over with; but rain is certainly on the forecast. Everyone has their own biased opinion on rain; some enjoy it; while others loathe it; but despite where you fall on the total poll; we call all agree that it’s a time … Continue Reading

Sometimes All You Need…

By: Key Michel Belts are not always a fan favorite when it comes to style. In fact, a lot of people find belts to be uncomfortable, unstylish, or old fashion. Some people find them to be ineffective; because even after wearing a belt they’re still repetitively pulling up their pants. Maybe you can relate to some of these grievances towards belts; but sometimes a stylish belt is all you really need. Fashion is all about using your imagination; and choosing to see styles in unique, create or personalized ways. While some may look at belts in a negative eye, others are able to use their imagination to see belts as the icing to their lewks. Fashion is also about perspective; what one person looks at as old fashion, another person can look at as sophisticated or a statement piece. Belts don’t always have to be worn with pants or jeans; … Continue Reading

7 Style Tips To Accomplish The Perfect Airport Style

By: Key Michel It’s time to book a flight, back those bags; and head out to the airport with some style! The airport can be a tricky place for many when it comes to style; because a lot of people rather substitute style for leisure. The thing is why substitute style for leisure; when you … Continue Reading