Bodacious 80’s Styles Are Making A Come Back In 2022

By: Key Michel Let’s take it back to 1985; when bold, vibrant and radical looks were the talk of the town. 80’s styles are making a serious comeback in 2022; to remind us all that it’s more than okay to make a fashion statement everywhere you go! Some of the era’s signature styles will be … Continue Reading

Shaming People For Shopping At Fast Fashion Brands, Won’t Influence Them To Shop Secondhand

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The Rise Of Shein at Thrift Stores

By: Key Michel It is no secret that social media has established a tremendous impact on the fashion world. Currently in modern day, a trends lifecycle ends a lot quicker due to the massive impact social media has on consumers. When there are new trends, people are quick to follow them; and one of the … Continue Reading

Soul Train Dancers Thrifted Their Outfits Too

By: Key Michel Let’s take it back to October 2, 1970; when America’s longest syndicated show premiered on television. Soul Train; which ran for 35 years , featured performances from some of the most well-known Black and Soul artist in the country. It was started by the visionary and host Don Cornelius; who paved the … Continue Reading

4 Wardrobe Staples To Invest In

By: Key Michel As time goes on, your style will grow and change. One thing that will always remain, is the necessity of having stylish wardrobe staples in your closet. Wardrobe staples can be subjective for everyone, depending on your personal style; but in this article you will learn about the 4 wardrobe staples that … Continue Reading

Is Plus Size Fashion Overlooked? | The Difficulty of Finding Plus Size Fashion at Thrift Stores

By: Key Michel We live in society where having the perfect body; and being the perfect size is the ideal. We see it promoted everywhere; on social media, in the Tv shows or movies that we consume; or even at the stores that we shop at. It is no secret that plus size fashion is … Continue Reading

Work From Home In Style! | Style Do’s & Don’ts For The Remote & Zoom Call Professionals

By: Key Michel Working from home; is a concept that has certainly gotten a plethora of mixed reviews. While some people couldn’t wait for the day to wake up; and work from the comfort of their own home. Others have found working from home difficult to embrace. Some reasons include the implications working from home … Continue Reading

The Negative Environmental Impacts That Are Sparked By Used Clothes & Fast Fashion

By: Key Michel A common controversy in the resale fashion industry is the notion of thrifters and resellers stealing from the poor. While at times the criticism is stemming from genuine concern; it can also be a dose of good ole performative activism. Similar to many aspects in life, thrifting and shopping secondhand is abundant. … Continue Reading