The Unpopular Thrift Tips You Must Know

By: Key Michel You can never have enough thrift tips to amplify your knowledge and skillset. Whether you are an active thrifter, or completely new to the game, acquiring more knowledge upon thrifting can only do you more justice. The next time you go thrifting you will have extensive insight, to use to achieve more … Continue Reading

The Societal Pressure To Dress Like Everyone Else

By: Key Michel Many of us in the fashion world, have heard the classic quotes such as, ”Fashion fades, Only style remains the same” – Co co Chanel or “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”.- Edna Woolman Chase. These quotes hold truths; and strongly emphasize the importance of personal style. The thing is, … Continue Reading

10 Summer Style Tips If You Gained A Little Weight

By: Key Michel The summer season is right around the corner; and the body examinations will also be at an all time high. Summer is one of those timeframes where in the midst of all the excitement for the season; many people feel this serious pressure to have the perfect summer body. Let’s say you … Continue Reading

These Are The Summer Styles I’m Absolutely Lovin’

By: Key Michel As I’m writing this article it’s currently a hot and beautiful spring day. Might I add, it’s also the first one of the season. The sun is shinning, the vibe is high; and I don’t know about you; but I’m excited for summer 2022! I’m especially excited for the summer fashion! There … Continue Reading

5 Ways To Make This Summer The Best One Yet

By: Key Michel Excited, Thrilled, Elated are simply a few adjectives to describe the energy surrounding summer 2022. There are so many people on a mission to make this summer the best one yet; and planning all the festivities and activities that they are destined to be apart of. Perhaps you don’t have plans yet, … Continue Reading

Style Alert! | Patchwork Demin Is The Talk Of The Town

By: Key Michel Patchwork denim initially soared into popularity in the 70s’; and as the saying goes fashion always repeats itself. This style of denim comes and goes throughout the fashion eras; but in the early 2020s it has been seen everywhere. Patchwork is the perfect combination of modern meets vintage. They look vintage because … Continue Reading

Be That Girl; But Embrace Who You Are Along The Way

By: Key Michel The term that ”that girl” is a popular phrase that is all over the social media streets. There are videos educating people on how to be that girl, and even videos chastising it. A lot of women want to feel beautiful, feel seen; and many also want to fit into the status … Continue Reading

Thrifting On Saturday Isn’t For The Weak!

By: Key Michel Long lines, packed aisles, overcrowded and congested energy, annoyed or snappy people? This is thrifting on a Saturday. Thrifting on a Saturday is not for the weak. It’s an experience that you have to mentally prepare yourself for; especially if you reside in a very populated city or town. A lot of … Continue Reading

It’s Going To Be A Bold & Bright Spring

By: Key Michel It’s spring season; and the looks are coming in bold and bright. This is a season where a lot of softer colors and pastels are typically the fave to wear; but this year we are turning things up a notch! Bright and bold colors can be a style challenge for many people; … Continue Reading