The Resale Fashion Guide

Tap below and elevate your mind, with the Resale Fashion Guide! In this new decade, it’s predicted that resale fashion will surpass fast fashion, as a market that’s high in demand. Learn more about this fashion disruptor, and it’s imprint on the industry!

2020 Style Revamp Challenge

Switching up your style, isn’t always the easiest thing to do! You can have an idea that you want to revamp your style, but you can also have absolutely NO idea what you are exactly trying to change about it! Well say hello to the 2020 Style Revamp Challenge List! Below will be a list … Continue Reading

7 Instant Ways To Achieve Your 2020 Glow Up

Happy New Year! It’s the year 2020, and it’s definetly going to be a great year! For the new year, one of the biggest things people  strive to do, is writing down a list of goals or resolutions, to achieve in the upcoming year. To help you absolutely slay this year, Key To Fashion wanted … Continue Reading

10 Major Key To Fashion Updates, That Will Keep You in The Loop!

Hello to all the lovely fashionista’s and fashionistos’s! First and foremost, before rolling out the updates, thank you to EVERYONE that has supported Key To Fashion thus far. The support has not gone unnoticed whatsoever. It truly means a lot. You all have been SO dope. Whether you purchased items, offered to be a potential … Continue Reading

The Merry Thriftmas Sale!🎄✨

Merry Thriftmas Everyone!!! Tis’ the season for unique looks, styles & DEALS! This entire month everything on the site will be BELOW $15 dollars! Sale items will be 50% off the additional sale price. This is a wipeout sale! Everything MUST go! Out with the old, so we can make room for the new! For … Continue Reading

Customer Appreciation: Offers To Likers

Happy October 1st! To start this month off, Key To Fashion is introducing to you all, Offers to Likers! Offers to Likers is a system that was first introduced to Key To Fashion, by a Selling app called Poshmark. Before selling on its own platform, the brand, was selling on Poshmark and on Ebay, before … Continue Reading

The Style Therapy

The Mission Of Key To Fashion Style Therapy, is to positively transform the way you view fashion. The way you view your style. And the way you view yourself. The four themes, that Key To Fashion strives to influence or enhance in your lives. Individuality. Self Awareness. Self-Expression. Self-Confidence. The mission is for clients to … Continue Reading

Key To Fashion @ The Rise Of The African Giants

Twas’ Friday the 13th. A superstitious day amongst many, and a day that is often times associated with bad vibes. But like the legendary Stevie Wonder once said, “If you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way” With that being said, the vibes of The Rise Of The … Continue Reading

4 Summer to Fall Transition Styles You Must Try!

Only a few weeks left of Summer 19’! This is the point of the summer, where you want to do all that you haven’t gotten the chance to do yet! For outfit choices in particular, this in between seasons timeframe, can be a little difficult for some people, when it comes to finding what to … Continue Reading

A Thrift Legend: Bobby From Boston

In 2017, I strolled into South Street 40. A small vintage shop in Jamaica Plain, a part of the Boston. And home to some of the best local thrift shops in town. The store is owned my Hilken Mancini. A thrift shop owner, an entrepreneur, a rockstar, and the owner of Girls Rock Campaign Boston. At … Continue Reading