We hear this often, “move in silence, move in silence”,

but a lot of the times, people aren’t explaining in depth, why someone should move in silence.

Sometimes, people will give you advice that moving in silence is a bad thing, and how it can actually be more of a detriment, to your progression in life.

Listen.. moving in silence is essential in life.

The older you become, the more you realize that everyone does not need to know everything that is going on in your life.

Everyone does not need to know your highs or your lows.

It’s important to keep certain things to yourself, and when it comes to your goals, to speak upon them when they arrive.

But why though?

You see, anytime I have spoken about my goals to others, before they actually materialized into the physical realm, they either end up delayed, or they didn’t happen.

Think about your own life, I’m sure there are many things you have told others that you are trying to do, before they happen, and I’m sure you have had experiences where they were either delayed, or they didn’t happen at all.

We are all humans, and of course there are times we want to connect with others, and share our goals, both personal and professional. But in reality, everyone in life is not going to be supportive or happy for you.

You don’t know what kind of energy is being put onto your goals, after revealing it to certain people. Sometimes after revealing your goals, people may try to get in your head, and deter you from your original path.

You may have been excited to accomplish a goal, but after revealing it to someone, and they give their own opinion and insight on it, you start to question yourself. Especially if the people you are telling your goals to, are people that you trust.

Sometimes, when people try to deter you, they don’t mean any harm, they are simply speaking from their own life experiences.

But there are some people who will try to deter you, because they simply don’t want you to succeed.

Although what is meant for you, will always be meant for you, you also don’t need anyone’s negative energy delaying your blessings.

From a psychological standpoint, often times, when people tell people their goals before they actually achieve them, ironically enough, they don’t end up accomplishing them at all.

It sends a signal to the brain that you have already achieved what you are working for, so you don’t actually work as hard towards your goals, as you should.

Moving in silence doesn’t mean, you can’t get help from others, or that you have to work on your goals all alone, or that you can’t trust anyone in life.

But it means that you are so confident in your ability to achieve these goals that you set for yourself, that you don’t need to seek validation from others. The reason why many people tell others their goals, stems from validation.

You don’t need to tell others about it, to make you feel like you are on the right path, or doing the right thing.

You don’t need to tell anyone what you are working towards, to feel worthy or seen.

You are accomplishing your goals for you, you are moving in silence for you, so ask yourself this question: why does the world need to know your goals, before your goals are accomplished, if you are accomplishing these goals… for you?

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There are no studies that support the fact that moving in silence helps you achieve your goals more adequately than someone who chooses to broadcast their goals. People broadcast their goals for different reasons. Everyone is not seeking validation. Some people broadcast their goals so that like minded individuals can connect. Some people broadcast their goals because they feel it is a humanitarian quality to spread positivity. So saying someone is not moving in silence because they are seeking validation is not completely accurate or fair. These same people can say moving in silence is showing weakness and fear. People may move in silence because they fear failure. Move in silence fail in silence. What’s the difference? There are studies however that do support the fact that announcing your goals receives higher levels of achievement.


Hey, I appreciate you commenting! I think we can agree to disagree here. I took it upon myself to research your notion and point of view; and I saw no research that supported it; email me some if you have any. I did in fact find several articles; including one on psychology today, that states why you shouldn’t broadcast your goals. I was a psychology major, if there is anything I know about; it’s the human mind. I think people can surely broadcast goals to spread positivity; but broadcasting them before they have been achieved? That’s not spreading positivity; that’s seeking validation.


WOW… I have experienced the “broadcasting” and “validation” points in this article. This article has helped me to see the difference. I can remember one incident were I had broadcasted an achieved goal and received so much help and support without judgment and opinions of others afterwards. I can even remember the tone of voice I used and how confident I felt. Now with the validation incident, I can remember just throwing the idea out there but being but not being able to stand strong in it and therefore others took it over. As a result I didn’t do it and it took me 10 years to pick it back up. Today I move in silence. Silence for me is creating a safe and brave space to think, plan, and create action steps to do. My broadcast is my end result. It’s the outcome everyone get to see and invest in.

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